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  1. A brand new one of three of a kind written book by AncientTower can be yours all for the very small price of a number and questioned directed towards me and of course the luck of a random generator. ( 3 Winners will be chosen)

    Requirements: A number between 1-100 and question you'd like me to answer. (I do have the right to ignore your question should i not want to answer it.)

    Giveaway is now through the end of January and winners will be announced on Jan 31st or Feb 1st or multiple time like over and over on Feb 2nd.

    1) Vortixin
    2) KatydidBuild
    3) FadedMartian
    4) Stgbtl
    7) AntiRevix896
    9) Raaynn
    13) CrystalDragon13
    16) OriginalScuf
    19) Merek_Shadower
    20) GreninjaFroakie
    21) DrasLeona247
    29) MissBonnieParker
    36) Obwangottemm
    37) Dreacon78
    40) Farmerguyson
    42) Fred_TWK
    44) tamraaa
    55) NuclearBobomb
    56) BreezyMan
    76) PatchesMasterBlk
    99) Astromath1959

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  2. 3

    where did your username come from?
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  3. 1 how much hair do you have?
  4. 56 How did you find EMC?
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  5. 7 favorite non exclusive promo?
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  6. 37

    What is your favorite mob on EMC?
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  7. 29(please and thankyou)

    One book you could read over and over?
    (or movie if you aren't a reader(or both ^.^)
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  8. Ancient comes from the television show Stargate the builders of the Stargates were called the Ancients and Tower comes from the nickname I had while working at boy scout camp as the Climbing Director.

    More than Jeff Bezos but less than Robin Williams

    Googled top servers with no faction and topG lists EmpireMinecraft and it sounded good with its description and I'm a big Star Wars fan so having Empire in the title was big right off the bat. I logged in and did the tutorial landing on smp2 and I've enjoyed the server since I started.

    I'd have to say the very first promo I had an hand in getting created from a suggestion I made which was for a Lucky Rabbits foot.

    I'm going to have to say Nether Hounds as long as I have my voters bow on me of course. Its a mob that i don't think you can farm as far as I know of. I have a nether hound egg which is one of my prized mob eggs.

    I'd have to say the Harry Potter series i could read over and over each summer its on my list. As for movies there are quite a few that I can watch over and over and I'll share a few of them here. Odd Couple II, Valkyrie, Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the Future I, II, and III, (Although part III is my favorite since it takes place in the old west and ZZ Top is the band in the movie) and of course Harry Potter Universe.
  9. May I select no9 please friend... like Der Beatles

    As for a question I see you also enjoy zz top... so
    If you have a favorite or top group, who might that be?
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  10. Ohh! Good choices!
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  11. 36 and what's your favorite block in mc and have you pre ordered Hogwarts legacy yet!!!!??
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  12. 24

    What keeps you coming back to EMC?
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  13. 40 please

    So your a Stargate fan? What is your favorite SG1 episode? Mine is Time loop, Teal'c had me laughing so much.
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  14. 55 what is your favorite event on EMC?
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  15. 99
    What is your most favorite mod that is not allowed on EMC.
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  16. I have a few Nether Hound Eggs...gotta go check to see how many.
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  17. I'm a Grunge guy that's my jam. I listen to so many artists its hard to have a top favorite but I've never gotten into a band more than Nirvana. I mean I had to have all the cds and the Lights out box set with the demos in it. I've never been that obsessed about any other. Its easier these days since you don't need the whole album when you can just choose a single song and add it to a playlist with the amount of streaming platforms. Perhaps I'm just as obsessed about others it just doesn't have the same feel when digital isn't tangible it's less noticeable.

    My favorite block would have to be spruce planks. I light the color and its a part of a lot of the places I build. As for Hogwarts legacy I've heard good things and I do have a playstation four but I do not use it much to which the last time i used it was back in 2020. At some point here in 2023 i do plan to play my playstation again.

    The players, staff and environment. Besides the occasional troll which the community can shut down pretty quick the people that play on here are friendly and I think the staff is doing well at their duties and not having to worry that my builds (Thank you buildmode). I've put a lot of time and some money into this server that it would take a banning to get rid of me. It's just a game but a game with a lot of friendly people.

    No favorite episode comes to mind for SG1 I do like the SG1 movie continuum however my favorite series of stargate is Stargate Universe. Cause to me living on an Ancient ship travelling the Universe sounds fun.

    Drop parties aside cause they're only for gaining. I'd have to say Staff vs the world, Tunnel of Love, and Big Dig, Miners Mania and Something Fishy. Obviously no top one but a mixture of events that aim on fun. I do like events where building is new mini bases for a night is really fun.

    Honestly I'm more of a default player I did use a keybinding mod when i was staff for Mob Arena but I haven't used any mod that EMC doesn't allow simply because I don't play anywhere other than on EMC.
  18. #76

    1. Any other games you like to play besides Minecraft?
    2. What feature from 1.20 are you most excited about/most looking forward to?
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  19. A super fan demanding to try out for the show, spawns a fan re-boot with Destiny proceeding into the next galaxy. When we find Eli waking up from deep sleep in stasis, he is greeted by a tall alien creature named Tower who shows him around the very blocky Minecraft galaxy they are traveling through.

    2 block Tower!!

    My question is this:
    Do you get a bonus chest spawned for this adventure?
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  20. 42

    Where is this ancient tower that gives you your nick located?

    And thank you! :)
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