New Year Day Stream 2018

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by JackBiggin, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. We're building a wild base on SMP1, come win free GOLD SUPPORTER!
  2. Y the spam wow
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  3. I can well understand that you can't (or don't want to) spoil too much surprises, but could you give us some hints what we can expect from the event?

    Thing is... I don't think Aya & me ever attended a stream event and well, we are deep into the Holiday mood right now. However, it does depend a little on what to expect. If this turns into a massive PVP-kindish event then I'm sure we'll both rather skip, but if there's going to be some general Minecraftish (?) fun then that would definitely change things.

    SO... any hints you can already drop? :)
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  4. Part of the fun of streams is that literally no-one has no idea how they'll go (including me). I doubt there'll be much PvP - will probably be a mix of survival stuff, mob arena/1v100, maybe some games, dunno what else but chat normally thinks of stuff to do.
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  5. Works for me. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! :)

    And yeah: if it now does turn into a massive PVP brawl then I know that I will have no one else to blame other than myself :D
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  6. ooooooooooh, the big bold words certainly piqued my interest.
  7. Huh, interesting. Too late for me, though.
    I wonder what was in the OP when this was first posted? (especially considering Qkazooo's response. :p)
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  8. Think I'm going out tonight so doubt I'll be able to come but have fun:D
  9. *plans to snek on phone during class* >: D
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  10. Awesome! I get out of school at 2:00 EMC time, so I'll hopefully be able to hop on! =)
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  11. I am gonna try to watch and be a part of it ;)
    Unless I am busy at the time
  12. Christmas stream he Jack... I hope you will have some festive Christmas carols to accompany the event :). Maybe some sing~a~longs. On discord ...

  13. Yay christmas royalty free music
  14. Darn. It... if only I had a headset......!

    SANTA !!!!!!! :)
  15. I should make it!
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  16. Fun!! Should be starting soon then! I'll be there.
  17. Do we need to create a Mixer account in order to be eligible for the giveaway portion?
  18. Yes I think so

    and make sure to follow everyone so that you get notifications when Jack goes live to win more free items! :D