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  1. I have heard many people complain over having to dig out there res. During all this time my (Hamster powered) brain has thought would it not be easy to go to and buy a $5-$10 dollar voucher that Empire Minecraft sells that one could get and use to clear all the dirt off there res? I think that this would be a good idea for 2 major reasons.
    1. It helps keep the Empire up and running.
    2. The players can do this boring or unwanted task in a flash!!!:)
  2. lol

    edit: good idea
    edit: I posted "lol" after reading the first line
  3. It is a good idea. The only way currently to clear the dirt is to pay 60k or get the dirt destroying ticking tock.
  4. This already exists in the form of the dirt destroying tick tock which can be bought from SS for 60k
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  5. You can buy 10$ worth of rupees in the supporter page, you'll get a little over 100k, which is more than enough for a full dirt removal (it costs 60k for regular members, just pm the senior staff).
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  6. I believe a boss rarely drops a Dirt Destroying Tick Tock
  7. It also drops from momentus.
  8. Yep i knew it :D
  9. This is so true. Currently with the rupee sale you get 102,375 rupees but even if there was no sale the rupees would equal 68,250. Both are more than enough to cover the cost of dirt removal and thus no need for an additional voucher.
  10. Can we get a Voucher for a Voucher?
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  11. I'm also a little skeptical about the idea, but for yet another reason. Only problem: I'm not 100% sure that I didn't overlook the obvious ;)

    I won a voucher myself, anxiously awaiting its arrival, and that got me to look into this stuff. From what I read vouchers aren't automatically activated, but you need to put 'm in your storage (vault) and then inform staff that you wish to use them.

    So basically; a new voucher would mean also more pressure on the staff team.

    And then I'm all of a sudden not too sure anymore if this would benefit the server. Especially considering the fact that other means of dirt removal already exist.
  12. ...still as easy as having a snr staff member come and world edit the dirt out.
    oh wait, same thing just a different way of getting the staff to do that.
  13. Almost 100% sure that was sarcasm, however, it could be pretty useful ;3
    So, you could have more choice, say; you get a 'voucher voucher' and you can redeem it for say; a stable, or a vault voucher.
    The only problem is the massive price difference between vouchers :( I.e vault and diamond supporter..)
  14. As said before, you can buy rupees and get the same result, so the only real benefit to allow this would be a way to save a little bit of extra instead of buying rupees when a sale is not going...

    I guess I could technically add ticking tock up there for 5$ though.
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  15. The train of thought that i had was those people that just want the simple step of a voucher or the ticking tock. :oops: I kinda forgot about the "Buy rupees thing." (Dont worry i plan to upgrade to ferret power soon so my other ideas will be more thought out.)