[New Update] 1.RV

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  1. Playing now, will show you guys the new features.

    • Smarter Watch
      • Tracks statistics and places time in the action bar.
      • It is on my arm
    • Ankle Monitor
      • Gives you curfew warnings for going into Nether/End or if you stray too far from spawn.
      • It is placed on your boot slot
    • Reality Vision
      • Adds a new overlay
      • First-person allows you to see a 3d map of your surrounding area.
    • USB Block
      • Acts as a redstone block. May do more.
    • Signs
      • Retextured

  2. Ummm what lol
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  3. Get with the times, gosh.
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  4. Minecraft 2.0 > Whatever this is
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  5. Updated the OP. 2.0 was definetely more funny, this one seems more modern but still pretty cool.
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  6. 1.RV... 1.recreational vehicle? Confirmed!
  7. April fools??? early????
  8. As soon as I saw this, I made a video about the update. :cool: I do like myself some earlyness.
  9. Oh for the love of god why is the world turning into crap :(
  10. Because Mojang is lazy and joke-updated a day early
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  11. They're a bit early :p I'll check it out tomorrow!
  12. I'll be honest, when I first heard about this "update" I believed, for a good 15 seconds, RVs were added to Minecraft and for a good 15 seconds I was ecstatic. Then my dreams were crushed... :(
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  13. They would be pretty interesting... I wonder how they would do the wheels :p
  14. Just coal blocks with stone buttons I assume? The animation of the wheels would be the texture of the coal and the shape of the button rotating rapidly?
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  15. It could also be hooked up to a minecart and just glide across rails. That'd actually be a pretty cool mod lol
  16. Both viable options. We're calling it - next update, there will be an actual RV :p
  17. Hm, I hadn't noticed the sign change yet: I really like it!