New to the community.

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  1. I hope this is the right spot for this, go ahead and slap me if it isn't.. .~.

    I have been looking around, gathering as much info about this community and rules as I could, and its less of an empire and more of a town ally system, if that makes any sense at all.

    I am new here and don't quite understand how the community works, or rather, how to start talking to people or how any of that even works..

    The rules are so close to my personal memos I doubt I would be forgetting or disrespecting any. xD
  2. Welcome to the Empire! A great way to get involved with the community is through events:

    Tuesday 8PM EST: Mob Arena
    Thursday 5PM EST: Firefloor
    Friday 8PM EST: Friday Night Miners
    Saturday 4PM EST: Mob Arena

    The times might not be entirely correct, but there'll be a post on the home page a few hours before the event. You can find info on the events at :)

    But if there's one good thing about the Empire it's the community, present on the forums as well as ingame. Most information about the Empire is found on the wiki ( but feel free to ask if you need any help.
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  3. I'm not 'brave' enough, even if I do go I'd probably go hide in some corner, kinda like I am doing in game now.
  4. You can talk to people in-game, on forums, you can make bases with people in the wild, mine with friends in the wastes, there's loads of ways to communicate and work together here! Make businesses together, just have a chat! There's so much to do :) If you'd like to know more then feel free to reply! Welcome to the Empire by the way, Star! :D
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  5. Welcome to the best server around :D
  6. Talking ingame, the chat system I get but I don't know anyone to talk with. Same here I don't know anyone.. How can I make a base with someone when I don't know anyone? I don't have any friends on minecraft. I avoid money sections if I can, just not right to me, I more tend to give or be given then any real pay coming in or going out, I didn't come here for money. Thanks..
  7. Ninja'd xD
  8. I will see for myself, I have been bouncing around over 700 servers, looking for one to call home..
  9. Just strike up some conversation. I didn't know anyone apart from one or two people when I joined. Now, I know an absolute ton of people and have loads of friends that I can do stuff with here. It takes time but you'll come across people, make friends and get to do tons of stuff here at the Empire :)
  10. I was extremely lucky to find EMC. I was on a website with lots of servers and i went to go on the first one and that server did not exist anymore. I went through them all but as i was such a noob at the time i forgot to refresh the server list, so it looked like all of them do not exist anymore. I eventually realised i had to refresh the server page and i was on EMC. I went through the tutorial then joined. Now its the only server i ever play :D
  11. "Be alone until you find someone willing to talk." In other words?
  12. Just hard for me, I don't like being alone yet I know no one, its really hard..
  13. By no means. Go out there and meet people. Use time here and enjoy yourself.
  14. I will send over my alt for you to cuddle :D
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  15. 'go out meet others' Not exactly easy, I don't want to offend anyone, nor bother anyone..
  16. It isn't easy, nothing is that easy in this life... But if you want to enjoy yourself, it would be great to find some friends on the server, there's loads of people, join in with some conversations going on in town chat and such :) There's lots of ways to socialize here
  17. So far nothing but leaving and going messages as well as a few scarce messages from a town.
  18. What server are you on? Some are busier than others. If you want an active chat, you should take a trip to SMP5 sometime. It's fairly active there. :)
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  19. That depends where you are and at what times. Explore the servers and get to know different people, they will be active at different times of the day.
  20. think it said smp9 or something like that
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