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  1. Hello my name is Erandi I am 19 years old and am new to the online community of minecraft. I'm still getting the hang of it but i would like to make some friends to teach me the ropes.
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  2. Welcome to emc!
  3. Welcome to the empire! I hope u like it here. :)
  4. Hi enrandi! im tuqueque and welcome to EMC! In what smp # are you on?
  5. If you ever need a friend to talk to, you can come to me and I will make you go to somebody else. :)

    Have fun!
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  6. Welcome to EMC!
  7. Welcome to the Empire! If you ever need help, you can ask me, since I've been playing Minecraft for 4 years now and know pretty much everything, about it.
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  9. I'm on mp#2 i'm pretty sure. Someone be my friend :p
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  10. how do you lock your stuff so people won't steal it?
  11. Nobody can do anything to you on your residence.
    If you wish to lock it in the wild, simple put the word Locked on the first line of a sign above the chest you want to lock for a fee of 1000r
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  12. Welcome to the Empire OYourNameHere). Enjoy your stay. We have a great and friendly community here. :)
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  13. I am way biased but in my opinion you couldn't have found a better server to start on.

    Thing is: EMC is vanilla+. So if you start hanging out here and then move back to some single player games you won't risk feeling too much "out of touch". Which happened to me with my previous server.

    Ha, ha, I just noticed you landed on my home server. Cool! smp2 is really a good recipe for some good MC'ing fun.

    Hope to meet you there sometime!
  14. Welcome to the Empire! :)
    Remember, EMC has quite a few things that enhance the gameplay compared to vanilla (that is, the original game, without mods or plugins). An example of that is that you won't be able to lock a chest on most servers. So if you ever go back to play on other servers, or play single player, you'll probably need to get accustomed to some things again.
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