New Team Members!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. As of this moment, these are the newest additions to the Empire Community Teams. This does NOT mean that applications are closed. If you are looking to apply, please continue to do so. Now, let's give a warm welcome to the new members in order from left to right. We can't wait to see what they can bring to each of their teams.

    Build Team:
    Eclipsys (re-welcome)

    Stream Team:

    Contribution Team:
  2. Congrats everyone :D
  3. Congrats to eveyone!
  4. Congratulations to everyone for making it to the (insert team name here)!
  5. Grats everyone!! :)
  6. Congratulations to everyone! Not on making it to the teams...on getting a bounty on your head!
  7. Congratulations you guys! :D
  8. Congratulations everyone :) I am happy for khixan and Sachrock! I was confused cause the name written is SachRock.
  9. Nice Job all of you! I wanted to apply, but I felt like I didn't quite fit to a specific team so I'm gonna hone my skills :p. Nice Job to all of you who did!:)
  10. Haha, yeah it is me :)
  11. Congrats to everyone.

    I look forward especially to what Eclipsys, Khixan, and Eviltoade are able to do on the build team since I'm familiar with what they've done in the past :)
  12. Wow congrats everyone!!
  13. Congrats you all deserve it :D
  14. Congratulations all! Khixan, what took so long?
  15. Congrats! and sach my g <3
  16. Congratulations to all the new members! I can only really comment on the contribs and I know some of the new members really were getting their hopes up and some of them have shown some pretty good potential in the past (IMO). So yeah, I'm really happy for them and I'm sure they'll do an excellent job!