New store in the work at smp7

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  1. Me and Chris_Flo have been working on a new shop at 14051 in smp7, and we need some support. We lack the budget to get the supplies necessary to build it, and it's impeding our progress. If you can contribute please do.

    Also if you want to apply for a job at our store, please contact me, telling about your self, and what building experience you have, like some thing you built, preferably on an EmpireMinecraft server so I can visit and see it for myself.
  2. I would like a job!
    I am a good supplier, because i know where to find ores (outposts have different stuff to me...), logs, and other stuff...
    Im a good builder, but most experienced with redstone..
    Im building a small shop too, on 14360 (smp7) can check it out for stuff...
  3. your hired
  4. Starting a shop on smp7? Me and BeLugh still own the best EMC shop there and we can say SMP7 is dead economy wise, there is no money to get there.
  5. There is money to get on SMP7. There might not be as much as other servers but I still get money from my shop.
  6. I agree mostly there is some money but not much... anyways there is a lot of money to be made on smp4 since I have the only really big shop I usually make 1-10k a day...
  7. it's only that way because people just spend all of their rupees mindlessly at the emc shop.
  8. and Belugh's shop is wayyy overpriced...I sell all my stuff there and buy nothing :)
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  9. This attitude is the reason why when people on SMP7 ask where they can buy something, everyone in chat says, "Anywhere but 14141."
  10. Sorry to say this Dreamy, but 14141 is kind of dead.. I still manage to get some of my supplies I need from there, but it feels neglected. I hope that after you, BeLugh and Oleyy are finished on smp9 you'll all come back and work on the shop more, but the SMP7 economy at the moment is definitely struggling.

    Good luck opening a store on smp7 :) There's great potential for you there.
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  11. Well atm we are busy with many other things which are private so. When we get back we will have to pimp up the SMP7 economy. And mogrimoogle I find that disturbing really disturbing if you go back and see how much we did for the community... I find this really offensive from you to say. When we went to make a shop on SMP9 the SMP7 economy went down, we will do our best to get it back on pace again so there is more potential for people to start shops there and for people to play on smp7 as there are not many people on the server anymore (As it used to be the biggest server).
  12. Is it time for me to open a shop on SMP7?
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  13. Lol, its not needed. There are shops now
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  14. I feel like I should... boost your economy.
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  15. The only reason I didn't start a shop on smp7 was because the server's economy was thriving and it wouldn't have been wise to enter. Now it's just flopped and always dead quiet. Luckily I'm doing well on smp8. :)
  16. I'm new, so I don't know much about your legacy on SMP7. I didn't mean to personally offend you. It's the truth and I can't control what other people say. The people of SMP7 do try to go to your shop, but many times they find it is out of stock or the prices are outdated. I understand y'all are busy with stuff and SMP9. That's just the way it is I guess.

    There probably aren't as many people on SMP7 as when it was new (like SMP9 now), but there's still a good amount; more than many of the other servers. During peak hours I see 30-40 people on everyday. I suppose I don't see the legitimacy in accusing it of having a "dead economy" just because it doesn't have SMP9's popularity. I feel offended by that attitude and I suspect that other members of SMP7 do as well.
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  17. We have been respected members of SMP7 and we have monitored the economy on smp7, ok its not "dead" but its in a downwards spiral as how it used to be. Normally people sold a lot at our shop and bought a lot but now people want to buy but people don't sell stuff and as we are busy with a lot of stuff not even in minecraft but real life issues and other stuff so we try to keep the shop stocked but its super hard atm with this amount of time.
  18. Sadly the reason for the inactivity is something I had to combat on SMP2 by use of inflation. in order to keep an active store with buyers and sellers I had to raise both prices. People want more and more money for their goods. (which is why when I first started people would sell logs for 30r a stack, now I am lucky to get people to sell to me for 79r a stack :/ )

    I am working on a buy/sell shop to spread some rupees on smp7. I will be buying a lot of needed supplies for 1r less then I will be selling them for. Even if the community chooses not to buy from me, it will act as a stocking resource for smp2. So if anything, I will be able to help my giving :)

    I expect to cut my wealth by 1/3rd after opening this shop. But overall I think it will help.
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  19. I am opening a shop on smp7 soon. And 14141 is way overpriced and, with my experience, generally out of stock. It once took Dreamy more than three days to get coal to restock so I had to resort to another shop. But I do like 14141 as it is organised and you can actually find what you want. Also just a word of warning do not go to Min_Miners shop. H has made a sad attempt to copy 14141, and he failed. My shop is still there but Min took all my stuff so it has no use anymore. But if people could donate glass and rupees that would be great and I will try to get the economy boosted again by offering spaces for people to have shops and whatever else they can think of.