New Staff Member Party!

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  1. On Saturday 10th January 2015 the staff had a little party on smp2 at spawn. Whilst it was taking place ItsMeMatheus is now a staff member!
    Bigdavie decided to make it rain with dirt and then he made it snow!
  2. Cool, but why is this in the shutter talk section? :)
  3. all the photos
  4. But this thread doesn't really post photos, but rather screenshots.
  5. I think this is in the right section, a lot of other screenshot photos are in the shutter talk section
  6. Thankyou colepuncher and TechNinja_42. 607 I put it in the shutter talk section due to the screenshots so I thought it was suitable
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  7. I agree with 607 on this I think the Shutter Talk section is for real photos not screen shots if anywhere I'd put it in the misc. section
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  8. I do understand that NathanRP as most people use Shutter Talk to post pictures they have took. However you can also post screenshots, as I did.
  9. This is the first thread I have posted and I have made a mistake which hopefully won't happen again. Also I didn't know that thread existed and I didn't believe that my thread was random as I was talking about celebrating the new members of staff.
  10. Read the OP in that it doesn't have to be random ;)!
  11. You shouldn't feel bad, I'm sorry if we made you feel that way :) It was just a simple question, and it isn't at all much of a problem. The random screenshot thread is always a great place to post some screenshots though, it's a thread to bookmark! ;)

  12. Please check before you post

    Your thread is completely fine, and the pics are awesome :)
    Unfortunately I was having connection issues that day so I kept disconnecting, but it was pretty fun regardless :D
  13. Sorry, thank you! :)
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  14. I had no idea xD
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