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  1. This is EMC. There are many like us, but this is ours.
    Anyway, let's get to the point. I've been wanting to say that for a while now. I hear a lot of rumors flying around about how EMC is making a new server. Well, I have a few suggestions because I think it shouldn't be a normal server:
    • Kingdoms Server. If anyone has played Tale of Kingdoms, it would be something like that. You could choose your "class": Knight, Farmer, Assassin, etc. There would also be the town residencies with flags, but there should be a wall around the town and the wild is outside it. And a town gate. And no, 72Volt, it would not be a lava wall.
    • PVP Server. This is probably the most popular idea.
    • Hunger Games Server. Like PVP, but contestants from the normal SMPs and Utopia could be chosen to go to the server and fight.
    If anyone has more ideas, please share!
  2. There are a ton of people that have already talked about a PvP server in other threads, most of them like the idea, others don't. I think it might make the empire more popular, but a PvP server won't be coming anytime soon. First Aikar has to do a LOT of things including bug fixes and additional features. I like the ideas except the kingdoms server, as it is too much like what we already have. And if we had a PvP server, the hunger games would probably not be a different server.
  3. A few more ideas:
    • Building server. It could be creative or not. You could get the blocks you want and build anything you want, except only on your res. It might also only be for supporters (kinda like a Utopia).
    • Economy Server. I'm sure 72Volt will like this one. Make a shop, invest in stock and just keep the economy on its feet in general.
  4. Don't listen to rumors. Everything that ppl need to know is and will be posted on the main home page of the website.
  5. Lol Aikar has said that dystopia will probably be implemented eventually :p
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  6. Oh yeah, EMC.
    But once again, I'm probably missing the point here.
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  7. Not normal EMC. The economy server would pretty much JUST be stock market, investing, selling stuff.
    The building server would basically be a creative world where you can build things on your res. No vault though, as that would pretty much ruin the economy.
  8. Or mentioned on Mumble....
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  9. But you can do that now.
    Just ask Volt, he's been at that for ages.
    A creative server would be no fun, instead of working toward something, people will just go on there, build it, and get bored because they didn't achieve anything, it was just handed to them on a plate.
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  10. But you could build things on a much, MUCH larger scale.
  11. Again, why can't you do that now?
    You put in the time, and effort, and you could build the largest build in EMC history.
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  12. Implying you would be forced to play on it.

    A creative server would be nice for people, like me, who suck at committing to finding resources for large builds.
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  13. Pretty much the same here. Except I'm too poor to buy the stuff, and I don't really have the time to go around collecting the resources.
  14. The thing about a creative server is that it takes the attention away from the survival builds. If I built a massive skyscraper that I spent weeks gathering the resources for, and then someone on a creative world builds a skyscraper out of diamond blocks and beacons, thats the one that people will ooh and aah about, not the one built legitametly. EMC has always been a legit community, and I think we should stay that way.

    As far as a separate PvP server, I think it would be fun, but I'm perfectly content with EMC the way it is. :)
  15. I figured that since PvP is such a extensive topic, that we should break it down into a few different sections.
    • War Server. You pick a side. You spawn in a random part of the world with a certain amount of food, an iron sword and tools, and maybe armor. You eventually will have to find more, but the ultimate goal of the game is to kill the enemy players and take their land/villages. But since servers are very, very, VERY big the game would last a long time, and you would spawn in a different place each time. If it got too biased and one team had way more players, you should automatically go to the other side.
    • Hunger Games Server. Already mentioned above.
    • A plain, old, Survival Server. Isn't this pretty self-explanatory? You survive without getting killed.
    • Zombie Apocalypse Server. Anyone heard of the game DayZ? Or Paulsoaresjr's series on the ZombieZ server? Pretty much like that. It would be the same as the Survival Server, except with the added threat of zombies.
  16. But people will anyway, they always go down the easy route.
    The thing about ideas, is well, they have been done before.
    As I hope you have noticed, EMC certainly not like any other server. We do things differently (custom code and plugins).
    IF we ever went to PvP, EMC would have to put it's own spin on PvP as it already has done to Survival.
  17. One does not simply proclaim a wall will not be a lava wall.
    We don't really need an economy server that badly, most of the hardcore economy stuff (government, multiple currencies, central banks, treasuries) are all possible with the current EMC setup, and are being experimented with by my New Republic.
    However, there are a few things which are difficult or impossible on EMC but integral to an economy, namely banks. While a brilliant capital distribution mechanism, they have been proclaimed as too risky by the staff, too much opportunity for fraud.
    However, what could be implemented in the economy server is an escrow plugin.
    In the situation of a trade, one player puts up a sum of rupees or an item/items, and the other puts up an item/items.
    Items would be put in through a vault like double-chest interface, rupees with a simple command.
    Once both players have arranged the trade as they please, they type a command to accept the trade, and they are shown the trade info and asked to confirm their decision. After that, each player receives the rupees/items, they wanted.

    A more complex banking plugin could also be created.
    One player acts as a banker, the other as a consumer.
    For loans, the banker types a command specifying the amount of money and when the banker wants it paid back.
    At the time and date set by the banker, the funds loaned will be deducted from the player's account, assuming the player agrees to the loan via a command with a confirmation sequence like the escrow.
    Savings accounts would work with bankers typing a command which would send a request to a potential customer. The banker would specify a lock period, the time period before the player would be allowed to withdraw their money, frequency of interest, an interest rate, and a minimum deposit. The potential customer would accept or deny the request, and the minimum deposit would be deducted from their account. Over time, the interest rate would be deducted from the banker's funds. The banker would be free to change the interest rate after the lock period, just as the player would be free to withdraw the funds, which, of course, would be deducted from the banker's funds.

    Of course, the whole banking plugin would mean the rupee plugin would have to be tweaked, as it is possible to get a negative sum of rupees. I would support this idea; while it is controversial, it makes sense. If you act frivolously with the money of players, you deserve to be in the red.
  18. So.... much..... reading....
  19. I think most of these are bad ideas. We dont need an Economy server to set up shops, we have town. The kingdom is just a fancy EMC. Hunger games, There are plenty of servers of them. Building server, people are free to build whatever they want on their 60x60 residence or in the wild.