New Residence Feature: Locations!

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  1. A new Residence Feature has been added! The ability to save locations on your residence to be used in teleportation.

    Isn't that RTS you say? Well, yes it is very similar to RTS! However, this is designed to be a little more convenient.

    Instead of signs, you can save the location by name then access it with RTS signs or /v

    So /res loc set enchanting will allow /home enchanting to take you directly to the location you saved for enchanting!

    This feature is namely a slightly more convenient version of RTS, so it is primarily a supporter feature, however Free members still receive 1 location.

    Diamond members get a nicer perk for this, with receiving a very generous supply of locations so they should not have to worry about running out.

    Simply type /res locs for help in game, and we will get this added to the Wiki soon.
  2. first :3
  3. New developers? New awesome features? I am really loving this.
  4. Nice. This is going to make tping soooo much simpler
  5. Second and cool
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  6. At this rate, Dragon Tombs might be out this year! :D
    Keep working hard and efficiently!
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  7. It's pretty cool, but how many teleporters will each rank be able to set?
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  8. :D Awesome!
  9. Note as said in the OP it is primarily intended to be a supporter perk, but free is given some access, as most of the 'feature' here is still accessible by use of RTS signs:

  10. so many features announced today...
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  11. THANK YOU!!! It finally happened, I've been waiting for this for, well, a long time, and it finally came!!! WoooHooo!!!!
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  12. i love how diamond gets 100 when gold gets 8 xD more reasons to get diamond ! :D
    that escalated quickly
  13. Gold: 8

    Diamond: 100

    Seriously? I mean you don't really need anything more than 8 but thats just BEGGING players to become diamond, lol.
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  14. (How gold members will react)
    *Counts out valid locations*
    1) Enchanting 1
    2) Enchanting 1.1
    3) Enchanting 1.2
    4) Enchanting 1.3
    5) Enchanting 1.4
    6) Enchanting 1.5
    7) Enchanting 1.6
    8) Smithing 1
    Smithing.... Damn it!!!
  15. XD
  16. Wow... tons of features. I hereby dub this day to be "Day of the tired developer." Let us make this an EMC holiday!
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  17. This is freakishly awesome!

    I wish I had time to redesign my reses! Too many things to do with all the new updates!

    I'm gonna have to play EMC for years, just to do all the stuff I want to. :p
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  18. I always pick the best times to get supporter :D
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  19. I can see this being very useful for large malls. :)
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