[NEW REPUBLIC] Looking for a programmer.

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  1. Hi, I'm 72Volt, the founder of the New Republic.
    As you may be aware, the NR has recently begun a pilot for a unique project, the Neore, a currency based on the Written Book, issued by NR Central Bank officials and directly exchangable for diamonds.

    However, an independent currency based on the Written Book does pose some difficulties. For example, change. If one needs change, the Central Bank must convert a larger book into multiple smaller ones, which takes up space in one's inventory and creates a logistical nightmare for the Treasury.

    A citizen, M4nic_M1ner, came up with a solution to this; an online system of payment. He describes it as follows.

    Is anyone capable of making the following?
    1. The encoder/decoder, using the nominal value, date and time and issuer to create a checksum.
    2. The website with the online interface.
    3. A database containing information about everyone who owns money and how much they own.
    We obviously won't be able to automate the process of physical Neore to virtual Neore without developing an API in cooperation with EMC, so the process would require Central Bank dispensaries to convert between diamonds and both types of Neore, with dispensers having access to the database in order to register the information that Player A has x more Neore/less Neore. The process of payment from one player to another would be automated.
    Is there any person or people who would be up to the task?
    The NR can offer you the following.

    • A ceremonial title of your choice, officially recognised by the New Republic, complete with protocol. For example, you could be The Right Honourable Aikar, ODA (Order of Distinguished Achievement) or if you really preferred, The Right Honourable Aikar, Destroyer Of Economies. We will enact legislation to make this official. This, of course, comes with automatic honorary citizenship, if you wish to accept it.
    • A bounty awarded by the Office for Economic Administration, once the Office has been established. This bounty will increase over time and will form a designated part of the Budget. Once the system is fully operational, the bounty will be distributed among the person or persons who made it, proportional to their contribution.
    • Recognition as an Adviser to the Government of the New Republic on matters of programming and economics, entitling you to a reward should you be called on for your services.
    • If you put in ads to the website, you and your team are entitled to a reasonably negotiated percentage of the ad revenue. You could make money from this.
    • Obligatory credit for the website. The New Republic aims to expand beyond EMC and perhaps even beyond Minecraft, so the Neore could become the new digital currency everywhere the New Republic is, and you'll be the guy/s that made that. If it really does take off, that's a big point you can put on your resume.
    • You will be providing a big service to the EMC community in general, because we're changing how people play EMC, and you're helping us. :)
    • The chicks dig hardcore programmers like the kind of people that do stuff like this.
    • If you ever see a panda, he or she will reward you. With his or her ramen.
    Join us today!
  2. Gosh, seems way cool for whoever gets it!
  3. You know any programmers, you do me a favour and you tell them about it :D
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  4. LOLZ, y was i never informed about this volt? /joke

    No though, we need a programmer
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  5. We do.
  6. I'm Guessing that the only thing you could use for a task like this is Java & Not many people have to time to Code that.
  7. *clicks watch thread due to interest*
    *realises replying here would do the same thing*
    *carries on*
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  8. Shavingfoam maybe? He did the EMC Shopkeeper app and may be able to do this?
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  9. The costs to one's time, energy and effort are outweighed by the benefits listed in the OP. For that reason, I respectfully disagree. :)

    He did come to mind :)
  10. The EMC shopkeeper app took him a TON of time to do, but maybe he will do it.
  11. It doesn't matter what the benefits may be if somebody doesn't have the physical time to put into it.
  12. I could be of assistance if I knew how To Program Java, But that is not until Next Year and if I decide to take that road in life.
  13. Well, I'll happily take you aboard once you have the skills :)
  14. I'll help. But I can't talk much now, need to go to school.
  15. Awesome :D
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  16. Vot Eez vis app, ye talking bout?
  17. Hmm I may be able to help. I would need further details on how this system works, as I am unfamiliar with it.

    Do these Written Books act as bank notes (aka "cash")? For example, a player may have two books worth 20 Neores each and one book worth 5 Neores, giving him a total of 45 Neores. He would be free to give them to other players in return for goods and services, or deposit them in a bank for safe-keeping. Trusted bank tellers would be responsible for creating the currency and manning the banks. Is my understanding correct?
  18. Yha, I think so...
  19. If my Java worked again and I could magically remember all of my coding knowledge in a few seconds I would do this... but unfortunately Java is extremely broken on Windows 8 and I haven't used it for 7 months :(
    Plus, i've been dedicating most of my time to PHP and HTML in the past 3 months. 2 months ago I also decided to practice Python, but I only used it once :p
    I'm also currently doing a project with mba and have been for a month, and it requires C++ knowledge, so i've been learning that too :p
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