New Recurring Event: High or Low

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  1. New Recurring Event: High or Low
    Welcome to the new and improved high or low set, courtesy of Hashhog. The new design takes the place of the old spur of the moment event held during the 2019 birthday event, and as promised is now an available event for staff to host. Currently located in the overflow events residences in Funland, this will move to a more permanent home in Funland once 1.15 is released.

    How to play:
    2 Contestants are selected randomly from the audience. They will each have equal opportunity to guess a series of higher or lower in a set of cards drawn, starting with their first card in the deck. cards are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,J,Q,K,A (in order). Doubles are freebies.
    • If they make it to the top without failing, then the second player must do the same.
    • If they fail, play passes to the second player to attempt to climb their tower. If the second player fails, then play goes back to the first player, and so forth.
    • General concept is that you need to make it in the same amount of 'lives' as the other player.
    • If both players reach the top in the same amount of lives, then they proceed to the Golden Round and the prize of 10k is doubled to 20k.
    Golden round:
    • 3 separate guesses of if the next card is higher or lower than 7 (middle card). 7 is a lucky freebie.
    • Same 'life' system as normal round.
    • Player who proceeds the furthest in the same amount of lives wins.
    • If a tie in the golden round, both players win!
    We look forward to hosting the event again and thank you to all who came out for the first official one!
  2. Great game idea! I recall the first event, and nice to see it added to the Games world
  3. Awesome that this is here for us to play!!! Another fun thing for all of us to do
  4. This is the best ever
  5. *Stands inside Skele to block his view*
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  6. Aww, I didn't make it :C Welp, I'll have to wait for a game of this sometime!:D
  7. Kudos to Hashhog for the redesign - great set! This was my first "event" and I was impressed by the execution of the Grand Opening - see my comments in the Reveal post. The audience interaction and participation really added to the fun. Great work team!

    The Sus :cool:
  8. Krysyy, mentioning 1.15 being released? That must mean its REALLY close because I don't think she would mention a plan to move the location if it wasn't a plan coming very soon :p
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  9. Yup, she mentioned on the recent fire floor testing was almost finished
  10. Yeah but now it’s even more almost finished ;P
  11. its even close now than it was 5 mins ago haha
  12. We're at the point with 1.15 testing that the games server was ported over for conversion tests, etc. So I can't make any changes to the games server that will stay as it currently is. So yes, close.
  13. See I knew it ;P I’ve got a super flat world full of designs for 1.15, I’m so hype for this right now. I just hope EMC doesn’t break any of them, because sometimes redstone will randomly either not work or be changed on EMC :(
    Also hype for High or Low lol