New Mini Game Beta Test [Video]

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  1. Hey guys.

    While working on the new tutorial world yesterday, we got side tracked and ended up making an interesting mini game which some members helped us beta test last night. We'd like to hold more events like this on a regular basis, but we are still in the process of getting it setup properly (things like organization, kinks, etc.) like the current mob arena. Here is a video of our very first run (I'll have another one with a more smooth run that has some changes we made later).

    I'll be running some more of these later tonight as well. The idea is based off the old game, Hungry Hungry Hippos (Google it if you're to young to know what it is). In this first test, it was teams of 2. One person had to fish the sheep into their hole and their partner had to eggify it and put it in their chest. The team with the most in the end wins.

    Much more of this to come. I had a lot of fun running it and everyone who played seemed to have a good time as well. :)

    ALSO! We need a name for this game...throw your ideas so we can have an official title for this thing, haha. My original idea was Hungy Hungry Sheepos, but that won't work as they're the one's being "taken/eaten" not doing that. Also, we'll have rounds with things other than sheep most likely.

  2. That looks great! It will be fun to play :)

    Edit: First! :p
  3. You should replace Dragon Tombs with this. It's perfect.
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  4. You could do this with cows >.>
  5. Our second video which I'll edit later has a few "fixes" to the mode and a bonus round with cows. ;)
  6. Or maybe cows could count extra points :D
  7. lol, it's like you were there. The bonus round cows counted for extra points.
  8. You should ask Aikar to enable damage, and Max to demonstrate her love for fire. That would make sure it's completely fixed, and it can be advertised on the banners as a unique feature.
  9. Im everywhere :cool:
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  10. Hungry Hungry Empire?
  11. The music is awesome :D
    I wish i was there fishing sheeps, but ey' maybe next time :)
  12. Aren't the Fences like 1.5 ( blocks ) - Maybe you could do them out of Slabs or something Similar.

    --- And maybe Sheep Spawners, you guys probably thought that.
    Apologies I did not read the Text Chat well enough.
  13. *Enters Dragon Tomb*
    *Slaughters Dragon, Bonus Round*
    *Fails to get one sheep in Hungry Hungry Sheepos That Get Eaten*
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  14. Omg the dialogues... XD this should be implemented along a voice chat to record what players are saying, most fun comes from the jokes and laughter.
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  15. Most of us were on Mumble while we played, it was a blast. :)
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  16. Ooh wait, lol, is that deep and dark like a ravine voice yours? Because I had been wondering how it would be since I learned about Jcplugs marriage with it xD
  17. Alex gets away with the MVP award after I had to tp him back up to his post (due to him falling like 3 times). :p
  18. See I knew that I shouldn't fell asleep last night. Sleep is for the weak and I was weak last night :p
  19. Yaaaay! Mini-games in the tutorial!!!
  20. Haha, this won't be in the tutorial, it's just something we got sidetracked with (which led to us doing very little tutorial work after we figured this game out, lol).
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