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  1. Is there some kind of process to become more than a new member. I have been a regular player Daily for about 8 months. My Shops have earned around 200k. I vote almost every day. I love the voters gear. Just got my infinite bow......NICE !! Any way just wonderin.

    Ps I am a supporter. WORTH the money.
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  3. I believe that title is decided from how many trophy points you have acquired. Posting and relieving likes on the forums is the best way to go about it.
  4. The ranks on the Forum is based of your Trophy Points, You can earn trophy points in multiple ways. If you check on your profile you can see what trophies you've earned, you can also check what to do to earn some more trophies:)
  5. As others said, Trophy Points. Being more active and doing more on the forum decides what rank you are.
  6. Doing things in-game has nothing to do with your forum rank. Counting towards your forum rank are:
    - amount of likes on your posts
    - amount of posts
    - time registered on the forums
    - amount of people referred using your referral link
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  7. Here's a free like. ;)
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  8. Gave you a free like to help you out :)
    To become an active member or higher, you can do a number of things.
    All of these can get you trophy points if you do them enough:
    • Post content on the forums: threads and posts count towards these, but not statuses.
    • Make sure your content is likeable, so you get likes.
    • Stay a while! Trophy points are given out for staying with us :)
    • Just getting involved with the community! You will become more well-known, so you get more friends and likes.
  9. Well, the others explained most of it already so I'm not going to repeat that once again but instead focus a bit more on how you could achieve the above..

    I will add that the whole process involves forum trophies. Each trophy wins you a set of points and those points then determine your title. For a full overview of these trophies just follow this link here. As you can see: first message; 1 point, posted 30 messages; 5 points. And so on...

    Reminds me that the forum had the audacity to call me a Chatterbox and Old Timer once, the nerve of some software! :D Unfortunately I have no idea about the required point amounts for every different title, other than the ones added somewhat recently:

    Now, just as important would be the question how to reach all this. Auctions are a sure way to get your post count up without spamming. And best of all you might make some rupees in the process too! Just be sure to read the auction rules before posting.

    You got a shop? Cool! Why not share it with the community? You can do that in the Products, Businesses and Services forum. Just make a small review of your shop, or advertise a bit what you're selling and doing there. Not only does that get you yet another (legit!) post, but it might also attract both likes and new customers! It's not uncommon for a shop to draw attention from other servers as well.

    So yeah, there are plenty of ways to simply participate and get better titles.

    And welcome to the forums ;) Which are, at least that's what I call them, the 'other side' of the 'Empire experience' ;)
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  10. I think it goes like this:
    New Member - 0
    Member - 5
    Active Member - 20
    Well-known Member - 48
    Followed by what ShelLuser quoted above :)
  11. Thank you all very much. This helps very much. These games always want ya too do forum things. I get it I just play in game A LOT. Nuff said . I will forum more often. Again thank you all very much.
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  12. To add to what Shel said: saying welcome to new players in the Introduce yourself forum also helps to bring up your post count without being bound to a bid in an auction.

    EDIT: You may also make new friends :D