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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Thanks to the amazing mind of Dramanya and my semi-okay skills at poking around with site things (sorry if I broke anything Aikar), we now have new leaderboards!!!
    How to find the page? Community Tab -> Leaderboards -> Empire Events

    The Official Empire Events of Firefloor and Mob Arena now track the number of wins each player has on the website! A little birdie even told me that excessive amount of wins could get you special items :eek:
    Note: Only normal rounds and non-item rounds of Mob Arena are tracked.

    Depending on the ease of maintenance and limitations of the page, we MAY add other Empire Events to the list. No promises though!

    Leaderboards officially started tallies on August 1st, 2015.
  2. Nice!
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  3. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to top the leaderboards...not:D
  4. Ooo, sounds interesting. Thanks krysyy! :D
  5. Awesome!!!! I will not be on it but Awesome!
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  6. Awesome! Maybe one day I will be able to win something :p
  7. One day, Caden. You will reach the top. I mean, probably not, but I can take a ham-fisted attempt at reaching the top.

    On a more serious point, cool stuff. :)
  8. The little birdie's prize : 200 tokens.
  9. I will one day be on that list! I will run longer, jump higher, fight harder, whatever it takes to be on that list! I refuse to allow the EMC event champions to win every event! This is my goal! This is my dream! This is my DESTINY!

    Ok, my rant is over. As a side note, I noticed that my post is #10, and my name ends with the number 10 :p. Just thought it was kind of ironic.
  10. This is cool! Too bad we don't have numbers before Aug 1st though, I have 4 or 5 FireFloor wins but all before this month. Guess I'll just have to go out there and win some more. :)
  11. One day, I will best Samsimx in the Mob Arena. And then everyone will know.
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  12. Oh very cool!
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  13. One day my friend, one day. ;)
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  14. If only my previous record was shown in mob arena.. :(

    I'll come for y'all at the top next year! :cool:
  15. Oh hey, top of the MA items-round board! Wait... It's a bit lonely in here...
  16. I know PenguinDJ won the "normal" round the day I won the "no items" round run by ItsMeMatheus. I like the idea of an event leaderboard, but being manually updated is problematic. I suggest that any winner that wants to ensure their listing on the leaderboard screenshot their invite to the Winner's Chamber.

    Sincerely, good luck to staff running this and dealing with the inevitable conflicts and arguments.

    I'd put a plug in for a token leaderboard, already in a database and ready to go (please don't respond about how difficult this actually is with integration into the website, navigation, and efficiency of code), but since Aikar nerfed enraged spawns it wouldn't mean much moving forward anyway :rolleyes:
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  17. Penguin won a special round, and we only are tracking the normal rounds.

    let the games begin!!
  18. Oooo I like this idea :D I'm yet to win either, but there's still a chance to :)
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