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  1. I am new here. I go by Ulix. I am new to multiplayer Minecraft, but not new to the game. I like animals, especially horses. I like economics as well. I hope to combine them here to make great stuffz.
    I hate the nether.
    The day that Krewella, Icona Pop, Tove Styrke, DEV, Karmin, Foxes, September, and Katy B host a concert is the day I will die and go to heaven.
    I am boring, so that is all you get to know.
  2. Welcome to our humble Empire!
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  3. Welcome to the empire!! As you love economics, I'm sure you'll find the financial aspect of the server just as fascinating as I do :) If you ever have any questions or need a favor, don't be afraid to ask one of us kind folk!
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  4. Hey there, Welcome to EMC!
    Hope you have a load of fun. If there is anything you need to know, the wiki is full of great info!
    Well, see you around in game sometime!
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  5. Welcome to EMC! :DDDDD
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  6. If you like horses then you've come to the right server Ulix. Well, in my opinion anyway...

    Thing is; EMC allows you to bring your favorite horses (donkeys and mules also included of course) anywhere you'd like. And better yet: while keeping everything they have (like a saddle and optional armor). The secret lies in the /stable command. This allows you to store and summon your horse (or donkey, mule, etc.) anytime you want it around.

    And it's simple: when riding your horse just use: /stable store. It'll disappear as by magic, but is safely stored in your virtual stable. Use /stable to get an overview of your stored horse(s) (and stats. such as their speed). And finally; use /stable summon # to get your horse back.

    Bringing your horse into the wasteland has never been so easy (but do note that this isn't free and will cost you 100r when summoning it).

    Oh, and before I forget: Welcome to the Empire of course! :)

    I hope you're going to have a great time here.
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  7. Pas a matter of fact someone was asking on smp4 the other day who has a horse shop? Sooo of. A matter of fact there's a gap in the market for your lil creature friends. Anywayyyy welcome!
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  8. Welcome to the Empire!
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  9. Welcome to EMC! You will for sure have a lot of fun here! :D
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  10. Welcome to EMC your always welcome on here awell with anyone! :D have an amazing time exploreing the empire and meeting good friends!
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  11. Good luck and have fun !!
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  12. Welcome to the Empire Ulix. Enjoy your time here. :)
  13. Welcome to the Nether, err Empire! hehe :D