New here, and I already love it! Also, urgent question :(

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  1. I joined EMC yesterday and I can already tell that I will love it here. I have made my home on SMP7 and HAD built a small house on it. Planning to create a purley food shop, including live stock, maybe even sell eggs to. So in short, Hi everybody.

    Now the urgent Question: I built my house out of wood with a stone floor. I then proceeded to make a fireplace in the floor. From what I could tell, nothing should have burned. Then I turned around to find it burning. I quickly logged out so the chunk would be unloaded, hopefully stopping the fire. NOW for the question: I know there is a firespread res command, but I can't find it in the empire guide. Could someone post the command to turn off fire spread please.
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  2. First of all, welcome to EMC. :)

    Yep, the command is a tricky one to find but it's /res set firespread false. Good luck!
  3. Welcome to EMC, :D
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  4. Thank you soooooooo much. Now to try and save as much of the house as possible!

    Edit: Thank you AlexChance, the command worked and I was able to save half of it.
  5. Welcome to EMC, Prince! Smp7 was a great choice, there are lots of friendly people to chat with and that will help you out there. If you have any other questions, just let us know. (I'll most likely be online too, as that's my home server. :D)
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  6. Welcome to EMC! :)
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  7. Also, thank you for the warm welcome peoples!
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  8. Welcome to emc
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  9. Welcome to le empire!
    Le creepers hug you!
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  10. Le me run away from le creepers!
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  11. Wow, I just saw you on tonight, and you fit in so well I didn't even notice you were new :) Glad to have you on 7, and welcome to the Empire!
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  12. Haha, thank you very much cddm. Would you believe that Yesterday was the first time I have ever even played minecraft? Shows that reading does pay off!
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  13. You read!
    Me too...
    Books are so good...
    It makes me feel smart when I eat them!
  14. Ermmm, I think you might want to read up on what books are used for Jimbo, just try not to eat it in the process xD
  15. Sorry I was starving :p
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  16. So eat a piece of beef, not books! Books will give you paper cuts on your stomach!!!!
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  17. Which causes internal bleeding and you will eventually die :p

    Hi, and welcome to the Empire! :) You're fitting in really well. I spend alot of time at the LLO in the wilderness of smp7 - it's just a quick trip through the nether to get back to town, just ask me for help if you need it :)
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  18. Thanks for the offer Soul. Lots of friendly and helpful people here. Also, what is the LLO?
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  19. Sorry you had a bad experience so fast! We have a lot of things we updated since the beginning of EMC and are currently working on making a fully updated and revamped guide to have everything in it.

    Also, welcome to EMC!
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  20. Welcome to EMC glad some of your house was still standing.