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Should this be added to EMC?

Yes 8 vote(s) 28.6%
No 7 vote(s) 25.0%
YES(!!!!!!!1!!!!!*798hHWHHHWUIRUIR#Y(&#&#&7377 13 vote(s) 46.4%
  1. The purpose of this command or flag is to allow workers or friends to use designated pieces of land on one's residence. :)


    Command (While holding a compass): /res area add

    -Select point A and point B by right-clicking
    -After that, it asks you what you would like to use the area for.
    -Type in /area pset (username) [flag] t/f/r

    (username) now has build/use/destroy/container in the selected area.

    Removing the flag(s) requires the same command and requires you to stand in the area (/area pset (username) [flag] r)
    After all flags are removed from that person, the area disappears.

    EDIT: I have updated the commands, and a weird bug caused half the post to be gone; the other half is back now.
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  2. You should put it in the Suggestion Box next time. Already requested to move your thread :)
  3. Sky you end up requesting a lot of threads to be put in the right place. :p
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  4. Yeah... I think the staff are getting a bit annoyed by the amount of threads I report.
  5. Oh and this is an alright idea.
    Just right click a compass at 2 blocks and they make the rectangular shape in which you can place certain flags in that permitted area.
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  6. I like this idea.
    Very much.
  7. Those are build signs, not area flags.
  8. Yer... the sign acts as a base for the build just like your flag.
    Either way they both come down to sub-zoning which is something we've been told over and over will not be implemented into town due to the enormous rewrite of the current residence system that would be needed.
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  9. I believe this is what you are looking for. It is planned but not any time soon
  10. +1. Only thought is that this could take a lot of work, explaining why it might not be ready for a while, although I am a noob at any coding skills so don't bank on my word for anything. :p
  11. Considering this is already a feature of residence(AFAIK), it shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  12. Confirmed:

    Note the emphasized "Residence" in the title bar, as well as the emphasized "subzone" permission. ;)
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  13. You have to have annoying signs with the signs one, but with the command and compass, you don't have to have that junk in the way...
  14. this has been suggested in one way or another atleast 20 times. subzones are not viable at this juncture for a couple reasons aikar has already said but are planned for the future
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  15. Well i've made changes to how residence stores zones that massively improved performance, so we actually can now look into subzone creation by players...

    Well try to fit it in somewhere.
  16. :D
  17. EMC is getting better... \o3o/
  18. Real cool, I`m all ears
  19. I'm bumping this thread (it's not old enough to be against the rules).

    Half of the first post was invisible, but now it's fixed. :)