[BUIlD] signs

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  1. Hi, another crazy idea: [BUILD] signs. A bit like [ACCESS] signs, these would have names after them. They would function to crate public cobble generators or let everyone take a bucket of water, or customise your hotel room.
    Ideas and thoughts please.
  2. very VERY good idea!
  3. I understand your thought process here.. the beginning bit sounds pretty good. However the "customising" of a motel room.. the issue with that is you are implying that this sign will have some kind of set radius? Now I can understand how this wold work with like a cobblegen or water, because it focuses on a one block area such as the other sign setups.. but implementing a set up that offers Build rights to an AREA could be an issue.
  4. Ok scrap the hotel idea. That would cause alot of issues
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  5. Ok now you are offering a pitch that is quite appealing. Especially to those who have heavy traffic shops and can not manage every aspect. Such as sitting at a cobblegen all day... this is a very good idea as stated by PThagaard you should definitely continue to work on the idea. Decide all of its uses and implementation. What would it apply to? what would it affect? Should it cost money to place one?

    These are things you should touch on in the pitch. Make it appealing to the people who would have to design it. The best way to make something appealing is to take away all of the thinking work. Like Hey.. I have this idea.. and this is EXACTLY how it will work. And then just simple copypasta of your idea into mega EMC code form and KaBlam.. a new Build Sign is born ;)
  6. Honestly setting up a build sign with a "radius" for a box would be a decent idea.

    there is a concept of subzoning that would accomplish the same thing, but its a very technical process that wil be too confusing to most users so justin has it disabled (and it might not work with the customness of EMC yet)

    However a simple sign with a radius like


    Could say Aikar can build 10 blocks in any direction X/Z from the sign and 3 blocks up/down from the sign, giving a 21x21x7 build block.

    Then if we modified [ACCESS] to also support boxes too such as [ACCESS:10:3], this would really be useful in providing control to subzones of a residence.

    I really like this idea...
  7. That aspect intrigued me also, which is why I questioned him about it xD I thought maybe he had a better idea, similar to what you posted, that would explain it better.

    However, similar to how you would like to implement this change to the access signs, why not start at the base, create a [BUILD] system first, then develop a system that allows the parameters to be used later. Like whenever you release a version that supports this, it takes affect on both [BUILD] and [ACCESS] signs.. but soft release the Build signs just to ensure bugs are worked out at that level before making it more complex.
  8. Are you doubting Justin's epicness to copy paste code from build to access?! :p
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  9. I think the sign would behave in many ways like an [ACCESS] sign. It would be free to create and the layout: line 1:[BUILD] line 2: 'everyone' would be the same. I like aikar's idea about the x,y although of course this has the potential to become very confusing. Maybe just placing the sign with [BUILD] would allow the block directly beneath it to be changed, and more options are available like [BUILD:X:Y] like aikar said.
  10. I have no doubts.. but I do have my doubts in minecraft.. Maybe the ability to use a transferable build flag will not behave as well with a sign as does access permissions.
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  11. And what use case would you really only want 1 block to be modifable lol?

    If someone cant figure out a simple implementation as I just described, they really shouldn't be trying to subzone build permissions anyways. The guide will explain it all.

    But direction may be more useful to have a tad bit more control


    so its

    could mean, 5 blocks from the direction the sign is facing, 0 blocks from opposite side the sign is facing, 3 wide (centering on sign) and 1 high and 0 deep, giving access to Aikar

    For performance reasons, limit it to a max size of 20 blocks.
    On build, check for ANY build sign within 20 blocks, then do calculations.
  12. Somthing along the lines of: onclick{$sign = block.getposition; $target = $sign.Z-1; if($playeraccess=true) $target.change} but of course in alien to me Java
  13. the one block modifiable would give players access to cooblegens and such.. but

    I really do like the idea of multiple parameters.. and the way you present it seems alot easier than I originally thought it to be.. It would be a good way to implement "Spleef" fields.. and building contests... and many other things. Creating yet another level to the EMC greatness.
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  14. Ok, this idea was originally me thinking of my poor unused cobble generator. I think 1 block gives plenty of uses when you think about it: cobble gen, water, redstone placement and rewiring, advert placement and management. But of course a definable area would be more usefull. 10 blocks along the x axis...wheres the x axis....is the sign in the center of the area or to the side.... I can see alot of FAQ
  15. I keep forgetting that people actually use cobblegens that generate 1-3 blocks at a time lol...

    But really my implementation detail is not hard to figure out, and players can ask other players to help them with the sign if they really do get stuck.

    But the main people who will really be wanting to use this feature would likely have the technical know how to do it.
  16. Ok, this seems to be a wanted feature. How do i take this further? I know justinguy isnt taking messages anymore.
  17. I linked jeremy the thread and justin does read the forums.
  18. Ok thanks both of you for the thoughts :)
  19. thanks for having the idea.. it simply sparked the right interest.
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  20. Interesting idea for sure, depending on how Justin feels about it's possibility without stressing the server to much. I know he and I talked in the past about subzones in residences and he said the biggest issue, if I remember correctly, is that we already have the server constantly checking on 1500 residences as it is. With random subzones, that could skyrocket that number...and of course bring on the monster known as lag.
  21. Cap the amount of [BUILD] signs at 3 a res? 10 for supporters?