New Economy coming Apply today to help

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  1. Hello I will be starting a small economy with my plot's my third and fourth plot
    please PM me in game not convo's please I will appreciate all help there is


    And look at this sick costume I made!!!! There are many pages of this thread please read all of them

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  2. Economy? Can we get an explanation of this new economy?

    Do you mean a Shop?
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  3. Well we are building like a small Empire (town) with a shop and all donations will be accepted please donate
    for a really cheap shop too in the town:D:rolleyes::)
  4. That's a shop, not a new economy. :p
  5. A new economy would be if I made a super efficient music farm and undercut everyone by 100r.
  6. Ok we are building a new town whatever, but like really oh ya and also convo's are allowed to PM me . :D
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  7. In other words you will be dealing with something outside of rupees?
  8. Yes kinda and I really need volunteer's
  9. NEWS FLASH: Town will now be on smp8
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  10. Welp, there goes all chance I'll be able to do this... >.>
  11. I can't join because this is on smp8.
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  12. Ok but I can provide materials for you?
  13. EMC internet upload.png Here are the two plots we are working on sorry it says
    how I took it in French I play French because I go to a French school and im not so good
    at learning it :p
  14. We need lots of donations right now to buy the sidewalk in between 2014-11-09_07.37.39.png
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  15. I can help
  16. I'll help,you got a skype?
  17. Ok and im not using it golddigger221 are you online? server?
  18. #FlyinHorse 2014-11-09_08.20.01.png
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  19. Not online ATM, I'll get on for 10 min or so in around 5 min. If you have a skype, add me: