New Contributors and an Updated Application!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'd like to formally welcome ShelLuser, Luckypat and PenguinDJ to the Empire Contributor Team.
    Look for awesome content from them soon =)

    Also, the contributor application was in major need of an update to cover a few things. It has been revamped so if you would like to apply, please do so at:
  2. Welcome to the team, guys :)
  3. Good job on the promotions :)
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  4. *claps*
    congrats again to you all.
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  5. Congrats on the promotion guys :)
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  6. Congratz
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  7. Congrats guys!:p
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  8. Woot, welcome to the team! Super happy with these new additions. :) I'm surprised that Penguin wasn't on it ages ago. :p

    EDIT: Oh, before I forget, make sure you get those bios up, new recruits. ;-) I have a feeling that the community will be wanting to know your favorite cookies before long! :p
  9. congratz all!
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  10. Are there more people on the Contributor team than the Staff team? lol
  11. Well done!! congratulations on being part of a great team!!!
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  12. The number of contributors is not limited based on a certain number of slots available. Neither is the staff team. If there are more of one than another, that's just how it is.
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  13. Gratz!!!!
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  14. First!

    Well, not first post but my team colleagues didn't respond yet ;)

    I posted elsewhere, but I just want to thank the EMC staff once again for allowing me to officially contribute to the server. I have some radical ideas, and yah; I sometimes like to 'vent' a little and I'm excited that I can now do that officially.

    I'm excited, I'm thrilled and, yah, I am proud.

    BUT... Most of all I hope that YOU guys (yes you dear reader!) are going to enjoy what us guys are going to do here ;) Some of our work isn't really enjoyable but should be taken for granted (seriously). Like the wiki.

    But other things; that's a whole different ballgame.

    For me this is all about fun. But I honestly hope that I'll be able to share some of that fun with you guys.

    If you liked some of my posts so far then be sure to keep an eye out for the official EMC blog.

    It's a little hush-hush, as it should be, so I am not going to share that I gained access to the blog this evening and that I am already plotting a possible write-up for tomorrow evening (local time).

    I now need to follow official guidelines. Unfortunately... I suppose I'd better read them :D

    (just kidding!)

    But yah, I am anxious. And expect something from me soon enough, although a LOT of my work will also be done behind the scenes (wiki updates / additions).
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  15. Congrats guys! Well deserved all of you! I'm sure you will do great :)
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  16. Congratulations! Good luck with the new promotion :)
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  17. Congratulations to all the new Contributors and enjoy your promotion!
    On a side note I was really surprised to see DemonThunder345 didn't make it. ;o
  18. Awesome additions, these guys will definitely add some great stuff to the Contribution Team.
  19. To quote a cool mod: honestly? I have no idea what I'm doing, I just wing things and hope kryssyy won't fry me ;)

    (sorry knight, I SO couldn't help this :) I'll get professional help sleep, all I need is sleep! I'll get some sleep :) )
  20. I don't recall Luckygreenbird ever saying that :p