New Contribution Team Member: MoreMoople

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Well done, congratulations
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  2. Awesome, congrats! :)
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  3. How awesome! Congratulations!
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  4. Congrats Moople, I really hope it'll last!

    As in: I really hope that you'll have the opportunity to put your own "stamp" on some of the stuff and can continue to share the same kind of things you do now. Because those were what made you what you are today yet sometimes that detail tends to get forgotten or overlooked.

    And in all seriousness: I honestly enjoyed plenty of your writings.
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  5. We definitely chose to recruit MoreMoople due to the unique 'moopness' that they bring to EMC. We're looking forward to seeing what Moople accomplishes in the wiki, and may even see some of her awesome artwork in the Blog.

    Just need to make sure she doesn't go trying to sneak in a wiki page/blog article all about Eggos! :p
  6. Ooo, thanks for the idea! :D
  7. Just slather it in syrup, nobody will protest, then ;)
  8. I totally had eggos this morning for breakfast, so they're on the mind. I always need a ton of sugar to make it through a Friday.
  9. I can totally picture a tug-of-war between Krysyy and Moops over that syrup dripping eggo. :D
  10. Yay moople!!
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  11. Aweee Moops, hugs and congrats to you hun! :)
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  12. Congrats MoreMoople.
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