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  1. Even though the Krusty Krab won the EMC needs fast food contest, I feel that I want to have a REAL fast food on EMC, and also the Krusty Krab does not give me enough to work with. Chik-fil-a does. Also one comment from a voter made me think about doing the one that I wanted to do... so here it is! Sorry to disappoint those who wanted a Krusty Krab, but Chik-fil-a did get 2nd! It will be built on my 4th res (relocated), but I am in need of supplies. I will pay fairly for any of the following.

    Brick Blocks
    Grey Stained Clay
    Yellow Stained Clay
    Stone Slabs

    Donations of these are also appreciated. Thanks!
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  2. And Chik-fil-a is....
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    How dare you say that....

  4. But anyways it is a fast food chain that specializes in chicken.
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  5. oh cause i never knew that:oops:
  6. poor chickens.... sacrificed for my mouth...
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  7. :confused:
    I have heard of this place, but I have not had the chance to go there. :p
  8. I have one five minuted from me, I go there all the time. I'm surprised I'm not fatter than I am right now :p

    Sadly Chick-fil-a's franchise is only condensed into 32 states in the United States (reason why many people don't know what it is or haven't tried it)

    As for building the actual residence on one of your residence, I say build away!
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  9. They've also had some... issues... regarding the beliefs of their management as of late. Due to this, I unfortunately am unable to pay money for their fried heart attacks any more.
  10. Never heard of it, interesting.
  11. I always found this to be silly, to be honest. I use products and services because I like them, not because the owners and/or employees may or may not believe with things that I do. I bet if you wanted to really stand by that stance, you could interview people at almost every place you do service with and you'd end up just not spending money ever again anywhere, haha.
  12. You would definitely be able to interview anyone and find a stance that you don't like, but when someone is high enough up to be making LITERALLY millions of dollars on a business while they think a class of people is beneath them, I refuse to spend money there.

    Besides, it's not like I don't have numerous other options for greasy fried food in mid-west America.
  13. That's what I'm saying though. For all of your other options, do you KNOW those higher ups don't have similar views that you may disagree with?
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  14. Of course not, just the same as you don't KNOW that I'm a hive mind of ants typing on a stolen keyboard deep within the earth. The things that we don't know are infinite.

    But I DO know that there is hatred in the upper management of a food company, and that by paying them for chicken, my money then goes to support homophobic organizations. By choosing not to eat there, I'm consciously choosing not to fund groups that would see my friends as an untouchable caste of society.

    If you want chicken bad enough to pay for the humiliation and belittlement of a giant group of people, then I'm not one to judge.

    I'm just not that hungry.
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  15. Well, considering that they employ people from that giant group of people, as you put it, you're supporting those individuals by purchasing their chicken as well. :)

    Also, how do you KNOW there is hatred in the upper management aside from people on the internet telling you? It's very possible for people to have their own personal beliefs on a subject being right and wrong without hating people who go against those beliefs. As stated, aside from reading it on the internet, I just have to assume you're not a bunch of ants typing to me.

    Then, you can look at the other side of it and see the good that they do as well. During some previous bad snow storms in IL, there were a ton of drivers stranded in their cars for 7+ hours. A nearby CFA and it's employees went and delivered free food and drink to all the stranded drivers out there at no cost. I'm sure those drivers were a mix of many people from different races, orientations, genders, etc. Would you not be happy to support an organization that does that?
  16. And yet at the same time, you want to fight for a silly little opinion about a small chicken restaurant bad enough to judge and belittle someone who sees your side and still chooses another path? I don't think that judging one person is any worse than judging a thousand; the pain is the same.

    In other words, let's keep this civil and on topic. :)
    This fine player is building a model of a Chik-Fil-A. I say we help him do what he set out to do by posting this thread: Let's get that fried heaven built!
    That said, if you're looking for stained/colored anything, try /v +color on SMP9 to get to the Color Store (by Mr. Zulus and SecureCheese. It's my personal favorite shop for stained clay and glass, so you might find it useful for they grey and yellow stained clay. :)
  17. Wait, is Chick-fil-a pronounced "chick-felley"
    I've never saw it spelled that way :p
    I.. never really looked out the spelling before.. I guess it is spelled that way..
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  18. It's pronounced exactly like it looks. :) Chick - Fill - Ay.
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  19. Well if you want it I have a good amount of both stone slabs and yellow clay that I would part with for a few hundred rupees...just let me know so I can make sure I have enough

    I can get you a double chest of clay or however much
  20. Dont use or go to apple, samsung, starbucks, nike, walmart, any gas station, or use anything that was shipped by diesel. All those companies also donate to the same organization a single boardmember of 6 who own chikfila did. Then have fun being either a hypocrite or a hermit cause thats like everything in the us.