New Build Team Leader: khixan

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Congrats! You deserve it!
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  2. Congratulations Khixan :D
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  3. Khongratulixan's ! I Can't wait to see what creations you have inspired :)
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  4. The rate of new recruits/promotions seems to have gone up recently! Congrats, Khixan!
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  5. Well deserved!!
    Many congratulations!!
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  6. Congratulations!! :D
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  7. Very well deserved, congrats!
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  8. Ohhhh nice. Grats :)
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  9. Congrats! Glad you finally relented and accepted your doom place of honor. :D
  10. You are a wonderfully creative builder and I love exploring any builds you've been part of. You more than deserve a new fancy title. Congratz!
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  11. Whoot! Glad to see she's finally getting recognition! That's our khixan! <3
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  12. Reading the other posts, it seems like it should be said she is finally accepting recognition. ;)
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  13. Yeah, you've been team building since I met you. First on your res. Then in the wild. Now after many staff builds, you finally relented and took a title. Congrats! You've been team leader as long as I've know you. Keep up the great work!
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  15. I'm looking forward to this build, as with all of the builds you hide until finished. :)
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  16. Congrats khixan! A well deserved opportunity, your skills and dedication are unmatchable! 🥳
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  17. Gratz. :)
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  18. Extremely Proud! I already congratulated you, but here I am again... CONGRATS!!!
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