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  1. So, I've got a little contest for you all. :)

    Never is, in my opinion, an interesting word. Depending on the context, it can contain more meaning than any other. It can mean eternity apart, or eternity together. It can deliver a message of weakness, or a message of strength. It is gold, and it is black.

    So now, as the snowflakes fall and families begin to prepare for Thanksgiving and then the holidays immediately after, as we move through this season of people and memories that we would never give up, I ask you to give me a poem, piece of writing, or self-made image/photo (so basically anything) that demonstrates what the word "Never" means to you. Sadness? Joy? It's up to you.

    And, because I'd never run this thing without a prize, the winner gets:
    My Head
    There are two runners up prizes of:
    My Head

    Enjoy this little mini-contest. :) Entries are due via private message on December 24th, 2015.


    Grand Prize: Gawadrolt
    Runners up: Jay2a and Tuqueque

    Congrats to all!
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  2. Nevar!

    ... well okay, maybe...
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  3. "Never say never" -Justin Bieber (When he was actually good)
  4. One does not simply quote Justin Bieber.
  5. There's only one way I like to think of "never": as a promise.

  6. This will probably NEVER happen again where I live (it's cold enough to have snow, but it hasn't snowed since December 27th, 2014 here after it began on the 25th :p).
    I will NEVER celebrate Thanksgiving? :p
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  7. I am tempted to do something for this... I'll get some ideas going and we'll see :D
  8. Never let:
  9. There was never such a time... ;)
  10. Since this has happened a couple of times now, just a reminder to please enter via private message rather than posting on the thread. :) Thanks!
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  11. I will "never" my entry ;)
  12. Sounds great!
  13. Submitted my piece, where is my 50k? :p
  14. I might do something...
    I'll see if I'll get inspiration... (beacause an artist does ALWAYS need inspiration, and the right of artistic freedom :p )
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  15. I originally planned on never bumping this, but...
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  16. Hmm.. Rick Astley comes to mind when you ask me to think about the word, "Never." :p
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  17. If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds.

    "Quote by Jesse Jackson"