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    Please read carefully.

    Buying or Trading For

    Promo Horses (Saltar, Incitatus, and Valens) = 15k used 20k Unused
    Supporter Vouchers = 145k Diamond, 65k Gold, 50k Iron
    60k Member Promos: 25k each, (Not looking for Ore Busters or Feather Fallllling Boots)
    Beacons = 7k (Looking for 7)

    I'm open to buying/trading for any promos but these are currently what I'm looking for.

    Selling (Prices are the Trade Value I place them at)

    Lucky Bows for 20k (5 In Stock)
    Maxarian Heads for 15k (2 In Stock)*
    Book of Colors for 20k (1 In Stock)*
    Labor Bench for 18k (1 In Stock)
    Haunted Head for 18k (2 In Stock)

    Feel free to PM me any questions/offers. If you are looking to buy someone else's offer that I turn down please PM them instead of posting in this thread.

    * = These Items are in their early stages of being priced, so without taking risk price them as such.
  2. I'll buy all 5 lucky bows if you do 18k a peice
  3. I bought em at about 18k and many people sell at 22-25k... but ty for the offer.
  4. I'll buy the labor bench and haunted head for 30k together?
  5. could you do 33?
  6. so im a little confused on this but would i be able to trade for a supporter voucher or are you looking to get them
  7. In the section where it says Buying/Trading For, means that I'm buying or trading stuff for it. But as it says on top Im just trading right now.
  8. okay it just seemed a little unclear since people in the comments are buying promos from you so i wanted to make sure
  9. Are you buying Rudolph?
  10. Nope only the three listed above, and Im also not currently buying anything just trading for it :)
  11. Alright, thanks for clearing that up :)
  12. I'll take both haunted heads
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.