Need-Your res!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by stormboy231, Mar 19, 2014.

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  2. Mine's kind of a maze, but people seem to like it.
  3. what if our res isn't completely done? im working hard and long on mine and from the reviews ive gotten ive been told it is really coming together nicely and is really cool. could u possibly wait a few days IF you think mine is up to the standards of what you are looking for as "cool"? I can give you the server and plot number so you can check it out and let me know. pm me on here if you would like.
  4. its fine if its not done, i will pick it if i like it
  5. You may use any of my 4 resses.
  6. alright then. my plot is on smp5. plot number is 10492. ignore all the floating dirt im using it to walk around and be able to build easier. it will be removed very soon as the first of 4 height levels of the build will be done. pm me if you have any questions
  7. If you like mine, you are welcome to use it.
    SMP9 18434
    It was fun to build.
  8. Smp5 11005, You are welcome to. Tall build that looks nice from the inside or a distance.
  9. Feel free to use my half-way done build on SMP1 res 1560.
  10. Your also welcome at my resses 1145 smp1 and 5408 Utopia ( fun parks and a shop )
  11. TBH 2000, 3456 are pretty cool :D ~
  12. Mine seem to be pretty popular. You may use any of them.

    18040 and 18041 on SMP 9 (It's the flying donut shape hovering over the glass and the quartz tower next to it.

    103 on smp 1 (it's in progress but it's an underground temple in the Zelda style)
  13. SMP1 104 (Lunarios)
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  14. /v 1111 @ SMP1.
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  15. 1122 1148 SMP1, both not done :L
  16. 2213 SMP1. I know it's not the best res out there, but it's more functional than aesthetic. Also, it was able to come second place for some contest 2 years ago.
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  17. You can check out mine.
    16667 Smp8
    Edit: As of 4/20/14 ish 16667 has been closed. Probably wont Re-Open for a while.