Need the following features defined

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  1. Please define the following features in 1-3 Sentences. Paying 150 R per Definition.

    • Town
    • Frontier
    • Wastelands
    • Arenas
    • Promotional Items
    • Shops
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  2. Town: Is where you are given a residence to build on, with complete security. It houses other players too, as well as player made shops and the Empire shop, and also the Spawn.

    Frontier: This is where you go to build away from town, where enemies can spawn. For a survival feel or just to build. No mining for materials is allowed here

    Wastelands: This is the place you go to for materials, its a place where you can mine to your hearts content. It is also reset every so often.

    Shops: Exactly what it says, there is a empire shop which is a lot more expensive and there is players shops. The empire shop cost a lot more to encourage buying from players.

    Promotional Items: Items that are bought, redeemed and i think sometimes earned at special events or times. They are also limited to those times or events and cannot be gained by normal means.

    Arenas: There are two arenas to my knowledge, the PvP arena on Smp6 which is for fighting over players, Mob Arena which is You and others against Mobs.

    Not exactly all definitions but yeah. Hope it helps
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  3. The promotional items have special attributes, could be special lore, Enchantments that cannot be gained by normal means or even special effects. For example i got a Cupid's bow. It has enchantments on it but it has a special effect of making animals go into love mode if you fire an arrow at them, and if you fire it at players it makes love hearts come from them. There are tons more promotional items that are fun and interesting. People also go nuts for them, some can be really useful or good just for cosmetic use.

    Just adding that, and also no need to give any money, the money is yours and you should not have to pay for information, same for help. Both should always be free.
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  4. The town is a civilized area full of 60x60 residences in which players on Empire Minecraft live. No hostile mobs spawn in the town, and players can share each other's creations with ease through the use of easy navigation methods.

    The frontier is a world on Empire Minecraft where players can go to build their own bases and gather resources far away from the spawn.

    The wastelands is where players on Empire Minecraft do not need to travel far in order to gather fresh resources. However, players are encouraged not to build in the wastelands as it resets approximately every three months.

    There are two arenas on the Empire: the PvP arena and the Mob Arena. The PvP arena is where players can go to fight other players in combat without losing anything. The Mob Arena on Empire Minecraft is a place for players to defeat mobs, spawned in by staff members, without dying in order to make their way towards victory.

    Promotional items are custom-made items given to players, generally for free, on specific holidays that are deemed worthy enough for such a celebration. While players are encouraged to keep their promotional items, other players participate in a promotional items market, which is present for those who strive to make money off of the special items.

    Shops on Empire Minecraft are generally put up by other players in the town. Players are encouraged to buy from player-made shops in order to save rupees and to avoid spending a large amount of rupees at the Empire Shop.
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  6. TOWN: A flat, safe area intended for building, making a store, or anything you want, free of monsters and griefers. Each player gets a 60x60 square to build on, and no one else can build on it without permission. There is also a town square, and, depending on what SMP, possibly games and parks scattered throughout.

    FRONTIER: Set up similar to a normal survival world, this area is used to make builds, farms, and towns you don't want to disappear. It isn't as protected from griefing as town, but griefing is still illegal. Beware, though, this and the wastelands both have custom-made dangerous mobs.

    WASTELANDS: Similar to the FRONTIER, but set up specifically for resource gathering. It is reset every so often so there is a fresh world to mine, so you shouldn't build anything permanent. It resets every couple of months, usually times with a game update so you have a way to get the new items.

    ARENAS: Two of the aforementioned games in the town areas, the PvP and Mob Arena. The mob arena is where mob killing events are held multiple times per week. The PvP arena is only area with PvP on the server, but you can't really lose your items because of a mod, so go ahead and play!

    PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: On occasion, the server gives away custom items to recognize certain events, like a holiday or a staff birthday. The customization can range from just a bit of text to, say, a sword with looting 10. These are announced on the front page of the website, and you can look there for instructions on how to get these rare items.

    SHOPS: On Empire Minecraft, you can set up a shop on your 60x60 plot in town to sell and buy items. It is powered by a plugin that lets you put a sign above a chest with the specifics of the item, the cost, and how many of the items you are buying/selling. To buy from a shop that is selling, click the sign, if you want to sell and it's buying, right click it.
  7. Town- where you csn have a residence and built what ever you want! There will be no griefin here

    Frontier- here is where you can build on a survival style with mobs. Here people could grief you but it is bannable

    wastelands- here is qhere you gather resources

    Arenas there are two types: pvp and mob.v i pvp you can fight with other players and possibly get their heds. Mob are nas are hosted by staffand is where you fight monsters with other players

    Promotional items or commonly knonwn as promos are item that are kindly given by admins in dropparties, or special events, most of them you can get them by /promo when they are available

    Shops are where you can buy/sell items from/to players, there is also a /shop which is an infinite shop but is way overpriced
    • Town: That place that has residences. People usually live in it.
    • Frontier: That place you go to when you say /wild.
    • Wastelands: That place you go to when you say /waste
    • Arenas: A place where events happen.
    • Promotional Items: Some special stuff
    • Shops: That thing where you buy things from it for rupees.