Need people who will work on BIG! Wild base.

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  1. By Big we are talking about a 600x600 hole to bedrock and all slabbed. If you are not willing to do the digging then you sure enough don't deserve the machinery that will be inside of that pit. We will have many farms such as: 16 Cell Iron Farm, Gold Farm, Melon Farm, Cow Farm, Pumpin Farm, Modified Mumbo Jumbo tree farm, Obsidian Gen, Dark Room spawner, Whatever spawners are in the 600x600 Hole, Normal Tree Farm, Suger Cane Farm, A Rainmaker (Special designed farm by a friend), Slime Farm (Hoping a slime chunk in the base), A 24 Furnace Array, Stone Gen, Exp Farm's, String Farm, and a Squid farm.
    So.... This is alot for just 1 person. So I am looking for 4 other people! First people to give me a great application in a p.m of saying their strength's and weakness's and why they shall be chosen. Note: You must be 200+ Days and willing to walk 15k in the nether.
    Your move EMC
  2. Which server?
  3. Leaning towards SMP5
  4. Bump! Still need 2-3 people depending on what server deathconn may be able to join with us.
  5. Are u paying or what
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  6. Read the thread.
  7. Your pay is what the machines produce....
  8. I did
  9. No you didn't but whatever.
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  10. I'm srry I read that you are digging a 600 by 600 hole u need 4 peeps and u going to put farms in it
  11. If you actually thought about it you would have understood it... Also down to 1-2 people.
  12. I would love to help with it!!!!!
  13. The only thing I could think it could be is the diggers get to use the farms
  14. Send me a pm :p
  15. That is right.... So by helping with the project... the 4-5 of us are digging and only us get access to the farms.
  16. Ok then I'll sign up do I pm a application?
  17. I'm in, I could supply a Level 4 beacon with Haste II/Speed II which can be shutoff when none of the members of the group are online. But anyways, I'm willing to "try" to help, depending on school and work. Otherwise I'm in.
  18. Pm
  19. PM me about it :p
  20. No need for haste when u have a group it gives u haste but speed whould be great