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  1. So I have a youtube, but it only gets used for recording glitches or something it seems like and I would like to change that. I've been thinking of doing Lets Plays but I have no idea what to do. I don't know about doing a Lets Play Minecraft Survival since everyone does those. I thought about Skyblock but felt like that would be boring.

    I only ask that you DON'T suggest other games, especially horror games like Slender Man, SlendyTubbies, stuff that jumps out at me. ._. Most of the other games I play/have are either MMO's or not really all the rage.
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  2. When you want to play a minecraft map, I think I have something, it's skyblock related, but much bigger. Or did you mean you want to play other games then minecraft?
  3. Mainly minecraft. I just put up the thing about other games in case people started giving other game suggestions.
  4. Do you want me giving you a link to the map? It's with multiple islands, some with a chest on it with theme related supplies. Only problem is it's in dutch, but that shouldn't be a that big problem, cause the only thing with text is the books that you have to collect.
  5. Sure :D
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  6. Any maps by hypixel or Vech will get lots of views :D
  7. Maybe a Lets Play in the wild (EMC)?
  8. Thanks! I'll sent you a pm when I'm done.
  9. Do a Voltz Let's Play! Or a Tekkit let's play! Or build something epic, then fight to death inside! Or kill 100 withers! Or hunger games! Or smash bros.!
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  11. No,no, You're suppose to build a giant turtle and explode it while saying 'I like turtles'.
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  12. :eek:
  13. Let's plays with lots of mods are usually enjoyable and funny, and because there is so much to do you won't *Hopefully* get bored easily! Here is a link to my favourite modded survival series, in the description it tells you what mods are used, you might like to use some (not all) of them. (Note- The link to the survival series contains some strong language)
  14. 1. Boot up recording software.
    2. Open Minecraft.
    3. Create a new world in singleplayer.
    4. Within 24 hours (not all at once, it can be interrupted gameplay) accumulate as many diamonds as possible in legit survival.
    5. Post to YouTube.
    6. Challenge people to beat record.
    7. ????
    8. Profit.
    9. Substitute ???? with YouTube partnership.
    10. Have step-by-step guide make slightly more sense.
    11. Comment on step-by-step guide making slightly more sense.
    12. Comment on commenting on step-by-step guide making slightly more sense.
    13. Comment on commenting on commenting on step-by-step guide making slightly more sense.
    14. Continue until ad infinitum.
  15. So no Lava Walls?
  16. I have a nice map you'll like- ill send you the seed.
  17. Because it was me who posted that guide, lava walls are implied.
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  18. You could do a lets play Tekkit?
    I love Tekkit :D Good for wars 'n' stuff with little siblings.......

    I held out for about ten minutes before i was overrun by all 3 siblings ._.
    They spared nothing....not even the villagers. (I got away though. I later broke in and silently killed them all with throwing knives :3 )
  19. You can launch nukes with Voltz :D
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