Need Laptop Suggestions

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  1. I need your help. Yes, you, random person on EMC. I am looking to buy a laptop. I want something not to excessively large or expensive, but with a touch screen. So far I have found:
    I have never had an AMD processor, so I know nothing about them. Should I pay more for the Intel? Or do both of these suck, and I should get something else? Suggestions would be appreciated. Edit: I have a custom built gaming PC. I just need something portable. Edit the 2nd: I have made my final choice.
  2. If your using it for gaming.

    You would want a Quad Core processor
    Around 4Gb or higher for good gaming.
    Graphics card would be something high.

    But, everyone is different. Good luck with your choice. :)

    My desktop has the AMD chip in it. It works just fine. I would do some research on what is different between them.
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  3. AMD is cool! ;D there's no problem with them, as long as you don't get an AMD Sempron :p
    I have an AMD myself, it's great! :)
  4. I dont perfer the All-In-One Pc.
    I would look for a laptop with a high Ghz, for other type of gaming. Try to look for something around 3.0GHz. Most games that come out now are close to 3.0.
  5. What is your price range for your new laptop?
  6. I have intel core i7, i believe the fastest possible for a laptop, it really works and was really worth me paying the extra.
  7. I really don't want to spend more than 850$.
    Hmm... I might save money and go with the AMD.
    I don't need an i7. And to get and i7 with a touch screen I would have to get an HP Envy Ultrabook, and those are over a grand.
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  8. Ah I see. I got a Sony Vaio, cost me quite a bit, not quite a grand, but if you are talking about us dollars then were talking about a grand yeah ~FDNY21
  9. I forgot to say that my AMD has +4200 (or 4500), and i think thats how much MHz mine has, a little bit much ;3 But still, i think AMD's are really cool ;)
  10. I would rather have one with a touch screen for easier navigation. And as stated above, I already have a gaming PC; I just need something portable.
  11. Is this more for school? Or gaming?
  12. For school, but I would like to be able to play a few things on it.
  13. Acer isn't a bad product but with my experience with one, I had to get it fixed every few months
  14. All I know is that certain laptops suck with playing with, like this heaving Dell laptop my mom owns. So make sure to get a really good new and advance laptop. Look for great rating too!

    Ya... it was something like that. Don't get a Dell, especially this kind of Dell!
  15. Yeah, I've learned from past experience that Dells kind of completely suck.