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  1. Hi!

    I am planning to build something for a lot of people, but I have been playing with player access and I found a problem.

    I need people to be able to access chests, but not trap chests. I tried my idea on my cousin's old account, giving access to him. I typed in:

    /res pset allenvo container:chest t

    But it also gave him access to trap chests. I tried a few different things, including putting a shop sign (E.G. buy 1 oak wood) on a trap chest and a normal chest, but it still gave the account access to the chest.

    I asked the other players for help, and they say to put a sign that says [ACCESS] and put a players name under, but I'll be needing to let access to a bunch of people.

    I am very confused, and I would appreciate some help.

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  2. Use an access sign that reads like this:

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  3. What do you mean by everyone?
  4. Problem is: What if I want someone to buy something from my shop chest, where would I put the access sign? Would it be on the side of the chest?
  5. You can do [ACCESS] everyone :)
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  6. Wait, huh? You want one chest, selling items, that everyone has access to? How would that work? They could simply take the items out instead of buying.
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  7. Here's what I mean:

    Because I am letting people have access to chests, I need to have trap chests instead of normal chests. One reason why is that nobody can steal the stuff inside the container that I am selling stuff from.

    Here's the point:

    I need to be able to let people access chests, but not trap chests. And I need to do that without putting a sign that says [ACCESS]. If I have no choice I can just do that, but all I need is a solution.

  8. Yes, you can do this
    [ ACCESS ]
  9. You can do all sorts to allow others to access chests.

    If you want people to access containers, you can write a flag for them by doing /res pset playername container t, but then this means they will be able to access all chests.

    Or, you could write a sign on top of the chest that says either of the following:
    [ ACCESS ]

    [ ACCESS ]

    Doing the playername will allow that specific person to open the chest but nobody else.

    As far as I know, making chests and trapped chests different flags is not possible at this moment in time. Although if you need any help with other flags or signs or maybe ones I may have missed, go to and search to see if you can find some other things that may be useful.

    From what I can think of and have experienced, those are your best ways of setting access. If you want, you can also restrict chests by putting a restrict sign over them, but this still means you'll need a sign for each one you don't want anything taken from!
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  10. Thank you for all that information!

    If I do the [ACCESS] Playername for a certain person, will other people be able to open the chest?

    I think I'll try it that way if that's the only thing that I can do.

    Last question: If I put an access sign on a chest for a certain player, and that player can't access chests, will that player still be able to access it?

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  11. If you put, for example, the following:
    [ ACCESS ]

    I can now open that chest. Other people will only be able to open the chest if the container flag on the res is set for true for all players.

    If you put an access sign on a chest for a player, then they will be able to access it, yes :) I think that's what you're asking but feel free to ask again if you need more help!
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  12. Nope, then only 1 person (the one you mentioned) can do that.

    You mean he can't access them because he doesn't have a flag? Yes, then the access sign will override that.
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  13. Thank you all for your answers! I thank you all so much!

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  14. It seems to have already been solved somewhat but if you ever want something added to the game, such as setting container true for only real chests or only trapped rather than both at once, you can use the suggestion box to propose whatever feature you're looking to add. Its a very cool system :D

    Alternatively, if you dont want to suggest any new features and go with how it is now, you could always give everyone container access and then on all your shop/private chests put a [RESTRICT] sign. It will restrict everyone except those whose names you list below the [RESTRICT] and any of the admins on that res

    Suggestion Box: Click here
    Restrict Signs: Click here
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