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  1. Heya folks, im looking for a bit of clarification.

    Ive been updating my game and mods to 13.2 now that forge and other mods are starting to play nice together, and have run into a problem. In my 12.2 mod pack I used to run Xaeros Minimap Fair play edition (to comply with the server rules regarding radars and caves, etc.) Now that im updating to 13.2 it seems to be causing a problem. Take it out and can connect fine, use it, and proxy server fails to connect. Works fine in single player, and other servers I joined to test the problem.

    So my question is: is this intentional? Did a rule change, or is there something else going on, like a whitelist of mods that need updating, or something else?
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  2. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but because of code change in 1.13.2 the way mods work is also different. EMC is still on 1.12 and I believe this is the issue even though you can connect to the server the mods won't work correctly.
    *I am still using xaero's fairplay 1.12 mod and have no issues....

    Best of luck,
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  3. Yes, in case you didn't realise, EMC is not on 1.13. :) We have some fancy stuff going on which allows clients with newer versions to connect (and if I recall correctly sometimes even older versions!), but not everything might work correctly. That a 1.13 mod won't work on a 1.12 server isn't too surprising. ;)
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  4. Mods that are similar in the same mod folder screw with each other. I had the same problem playing on 1.13 realms and 1.12 emc. You have to choose which one you want.
  5. No, you don't have to choose:

    I would suggest using MultiMC instead of the standard minecraft louncher if you want to have multiple versions active. With it, you can easily run both minecraft 1.12.2+mods and 1.13+mods, even at the same time :)

    Also, I am pretty sure the no being able to connect with that 1.13 mod has to do with the way the world is stored. The map programm tries to download a file that does not exist, which causes funny stuff to happen: I did not look into the code, but I think the fact that it tries to pull a file that does not exist, makes it "think" it is just not connected correctly jet (as it should be there), and, after a long time, it thinks the connection is too bad to contignue and gives a connection error.
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  6. Thanks Jelle, that makes sense - as an update on this issue, Ive done some experimenting, and have determined the issue is purely the xaeros minimap mod in 1.13 on this server... change one of those three variables and it works, so looking for a missing file makes sense.

    As a secondary update, Ive experimented with other loader and mod setups, and learned that Rift loader and Voxel map work just fine.

    With 1.13s change in file structure im not surprised a mod is calling a file that is somewhere else.
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