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  1. Hello! I'm MazzterGamerzz, you may not know, but I love Redstone! My friend LustyDoctor and I have decided to make a Redstone Engineering Service! For a relatively cheap price you can have the most efficient farms, the most secure doors, or almost anything else you can imagine! We aren't trying to make money, we're trying to make friends! We will bill you the cheapest price we possibly can for any Redstone build you desire! There is no set price for the Redstone Builds as you can't put a price on Imagination ;) (Prices will vary according to complexity of contraption) If you want us to build upon your imagination, Send me a PM or just reply to this post! We hope to see you soon!

    Universal wood farm:

    This wood farm is quite unique, seeing as it can farm any type of wood! From oak to jungle wood, and even acacia!

    Mob Farm:

    While mob farms have been crippled due to EMC server changes, a few of these can gather plenty of resources while you can worry about other things!

    3x3 Door:

    This 3x3 door may not look like much, because it isn't! This is the most cheap and simple door that nearly anyone can make, and it's only 1 block wide!
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  2. Something others might find interesting: portfolio?

    Also, do you have any knowlege of and experience with 0-tick mechanics, as in-tick update order, update overflow systems and isntant block transportation?
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  3. I do indeed know of those terms, but not sure what you mean by a portfolio. Could you explain what you mean by that?
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  4. A collection of some of your most prominent works. :) Because seeing that you love redstone and are confident enough to start such a service, one would assume that you have some experience under your belt. You could make a spoiler in one of your reserved posts (or in the original post, but you reserved some posts anyway :p) with a screenshot and a short description of various things you've made (at least a farm and a door would make sense, as you named those in your introduction).
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  5. Ah ok! I just wasn't sure what you meant, I'll post a few designs :D
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  6. I would be interested in a universal wood farm, but it needs to fit in a 60x60 plot.