Name that Dog!

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  1. Remember how you all helped me name Boxxybabee back when we got her? Well she's been getting a bit depressed as of late. The cats don't really want to play with her that much anymore, and us humans just aren't enough..

    So we're getting a dog for our dog, because we like dogs, yo.

    Our new puppy is going to be female, and we'll have her sometime tonight.. And just like last time, we'd like it if you all helped name her. :D

  2. Dogarias :3
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  3. Haha, Hatori suggests "Boxximus Prime" :p
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  4. Do we have an image of said dog to help us? how are we to know its personality without seeing its face! :D
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  5. It's a pit.

    So how about... "Arm."
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  6. Well, she could be one of three. These are obviously not mine or Aikar's pictures.
    They are all incredibly cute, and we're basically going to let boxxy choose. :D

  7. Santas little helper
  8. Getting a dog, for your dog
    Ok then

    If it's one of the two black dogs you could call it Pepper :p
    The brown-ish one could be called Coco or Cadbury
  9. Dang, they all cute... My bet is on the middle one though. When you decide, post up some pics and I will come up with some!
  10. We got a dog for our dog by not getting our dog neutered in time. When I moved, my mother took my male cocker spaniel for a few months. He apparently had "fun times" with her yorkie-poo. Fortunately the litter was only two puppies and he is neutered now. My mom kept one puppy and we took the other.
  11. Bob The Tomato!
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  12. You could always name her Daisy. (My dog's name)
  13. I've always liked "Sid" (probably more of a boyish name though) or Sydney :)
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  14. My list off the top of my head for names:
    Jon Stuart

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Princess Leia (Because Boxxy has Yoda-like years)
    Any flower name, as the puppies are 10 months old, so born in Spring. :D

    I'm still looking to you guys for names, though. Hopefully one of us can come up with something good that sticks. :p
  15. Lily.
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