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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by stormboy231, Dec 15, 2013.

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  2. Empire minecraft, I like that... subscribed to you. If your interested in featuring in my emc lp PM me. :)
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  3. Thx for the. Sub :)
  4. Subbed seems pretty interesting
  5. Have a new subscriber. :)
    I've been wondering what your voice sounds like for a while :p
  6. Hey I see you are using EzVid. I had tried to use that before and it gave me a huge virus that I had to reset my whole entire laptop for. So just a warning ;)
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  7. Don't worry u have 6 virus programs on my laptop, it said there were 2 virus's in that so it deleted in less then 5min (the virus's but ezvid is fine)
  8. I hope you realize that more virus programs isn't a good thing.

    Also, in your about section, you should specify that you are just a regular player.
  9. still theres other recording programs that are free (both in price and virus) one of which I know/use is OBS
  10. Dude. It messed up my browser and made my laptop super slow and the ezvid thing took over. My dad knows how to use computers like a pro. He is very good at using it and even text support could not help us. Im warning you...
  11. thx for all the subs :D
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  12. i will try to do video's day by day (sometimes more then 1 a day :3)
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  13. New video
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  14. Going to be doing a give away this week end, randomly pick 1 subscriber and give him 10k

    (Tell me your YouTube name if your subscribed to me)
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  15. Especially since virus programs probably come with viruses, and most viruses are made by the people who make anti-virus. :p
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  16. What screen recorder is free and 720p or 1080p?
  17. To be honest - might want to fix your FPS or screen recorder, don't know which one it is. Your mic audio is fine, just talk more fluently is the best tip to give everyone, but other than those two things, cool vids.
  18. :3
    Is this a 15min or longer recorder?