my wings is go

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by MrAdazahi, Jun 30, 2016.

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  1. so i went to the big dig with my elytra on cuz i wanted to fly to the bottom and at one poin tthere was obsidian i dug dwon one and there was stone, then somwone broke the stone under me and there was lava, you can probably see where this is going, abd whoever dug under me costed me 45k

    pls halp ;-;
  2. Report that to a moderator
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  3. i did..
  4. so you reported it to a mod and made a thread just add a little more spam to the help section
  5. Why the need to be rude? Just a simple mistake on his part.
  6. dude take a chill pill
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  7. A) not rude in any way
    B) not a mistake either
  8. how am i not chill how would you feel if you just threw 45k into a pit of lava
  9. It wasn't just to spam the section. If he reported it to a moderator and it didn't get addressed, creating a thread can bring more attention to the subject.
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  10. Testman was the one being rude....
    And making a thread after reporting it to a staff is unadvisable

    EDIT- Jay made a good point
  11. Hrg was talking to testman about being rude, make sure to look at who quoted what
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  12. I was talking to testman
  13. hey dude i won a elytra about a week ago and i already have 1 want my extra :D
  14. thanks so much, but i have already recived a donation, you are awesome :D
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  15. lol didnt see
  16. Ok everyone please keep this thread civil.
    No bashing on people or anything like that.
    If you have reported this it will be investigated and handled accordingly.
    Please don't post any specifics or players that are involved in this incident.
    Only pass that information to the staff that is helping you.
    Also, just for advice, whenever I am in the nether or anywhere where lava may be I always keep a water bucket with me.
    Also a good idea to keep a fire resist potion with you also just in case it is a deep lava pool.
    Sorry for your loss, but again everyone please keep this thread civil.
  17. R.I.P Elytra
  18. more like burn lol
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  19. To say the least, this thread is bringing the attention of others that you were killed by another player due to he/she breaking a block to lava.

    We love to read a good thread, but honestly it isn't needed. I hope you get back your items back.
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  20. i got my elytra back :)
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