My wilderness base was just destroyed...

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  1. Hello, I log on tonight to see that my wilderness base was totally destroyed and most of the materials taken. So, is that how it is... or is there a way to find out who did it? They left some kind of weird initials/symbol in my base made of blocks... like they are proud of it or something. Weird, I just don't get it. Is there any way to protect a wild base? Thanks,

  2. No way to find out who did it or protect it, best way is to go underground and cover the entrance. Sorry, this stuff happens. What were the initials? Picture if you can get one please.
  3. Sure thing... I put dirt behind the initials to make them easier to see. I think it's JC... I think.

  4. I hate to see this happind put all inpotant stuff in your house at town What SMP is this i will help u fix it if you will let me.
  5. could be Jt, i heard of a similar incident reported by another player with the same initials left behind
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  6. Same here, i remember a player starting a thread about griefing and jt was left behind there aswell.
    If you are willing to rebuild or relocate pm me and ill pass on any tips i know of to help keep it safe.

    OT. kendrickdk what you gonna spend all that juicy exp on :D
  7. Yes, unfortunately unless caught in the act, it's hard to catch the griefers. This is one of the evils of running a popular/large server. It attracts everyone, including the jerks. We do have a way to protect your belongings in the wild by making locked items. While not 100% protection of the entire base you might have, it is good for protecting valuables.

    Justin and I stress tested this feature to hell when we launched it, so you can be rest assured your items will be safe in them. We mass spawned creepers, blew it up with TNT, surrounded it with lava, etc.

    Sorry to hear about your loss, either way though. It's best if living in the wild to be either very hidden or very very far from the spawns.
  8. dat creeper bit is so true, came to one of my hidy holes prewild reset to find it blown to bits with a floating lock sign and chest in the middle of all the carnage
  9. those enitials have been seen over 3 times before WE MUST CATCH THEM!
  10. Jeremy is it weird I want to make a furnacehouse and lock every furnace? Lol
  11. JC huh?
    Holy crap Jesus Christ!!!!!

    Hope you get your problem resolved though :(
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  12. Or just build a self building cobble house, not so grith proof but still
  13. Or you could simply implement Hawkeye, LogBlock or BigBrother. Those are simple plugins making it easy to find and rollback any griefs :). Or Justin could make his own custom made since he's a genius at those things. :)
  14. Again an unaware user. I can explain this Justin I got this ;). The reason why we don't have block logging tools such as LogBlock because if we have this what is the point of having a town? If we implement this would you sacrifice the town for a plugin that would barely work at some circumstances? In my opinion I wouldn't. Also another reason why we don't have this is because we have 60 people constantly placing and removing blocks every second. This would cause a clog in the MySQL system or even worst, the server would lag. I have seen servers that have LogBlock installed and it takes 5 second for item drops to pop out. I know this for a fact because Justin has told me before and I am a former server owner.
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  15. It would be nice to be able to buy small areas of logbook-style protection in the wild though... There could be limits on how close to spawn you could buy the protection on, and if it was expensive, I think it could solve a lot of problems...
  16. Like Justin said, if there were something to protect the wilderness what is the point of having a town?
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  17. That's a fair point, but surely that would apply to locked chests too? I'm not thinking a 60x60 area, just maybe up to 8x8. It would allow you to have a small wilderness base with a bed for a spawn point etc, with less fear of griefing. Also, a town residence is free, this would cost money, like a locked chest. That's my opinion anyway...
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  18. Why live in the Wild in the first place?
  19. Town takes away the survival feeling and you never get to hug a creeper.
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  20. I don't know... I have a nice enchanting room in my town base. I can get xp really easy with an xp farm that feeds off a zombie spawner. :)