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Did you "Like" the Game Concept on Steam?

Yes 6 vote(s) 42.9%
No I did not like the game 8 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. Hello empire! Guess what, I have a game concept posted on Steam and I would want to see what you guys think about it :). Please mainly post your comments on the steam page because then other people besides EMC will see it and then it might become bigger so if it becomes a real complete game later, more people will know about it.

    I have been working on some art for the game lately and it look pretty cool.
    Ill leave some screenshots here and I have one more thing...

    I am looking for anyone that can make me a soundtrack for this game. If you do msg me because we can't talk about real money on the forums. So yeah :D
    Also I shall copy and paste the desc of the game here.

    This will be a game where there are different levels and it will be a funny adventure 2d game. Where you will fight memes, mlg faze clan members, mountain dew bottles, and other crazy things from my imagination. There will be puzzels that mostly people that spend their time on the internet will know. There are kittens, explosions, pizzas, and use doritos to cure your hunger. This game will hopefully be for Windows and Macs because Linux is to complicated. Also, I need ideas! If anyone has any ideas for stuff to be in the video game just tell me. If you want me to make the shop have vodka power ups, I WILL!
    bestcat.png A basic player with out any upgrades.
    MyDOrito.png mlg doritos
    ^ a not done first level

    Please mainly post your comments there and fave/like it :)
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  2. Well then it seems not anyone is really interested...
  3. By the looks of it, you did not give people much time to actually look at your game before stating that :p

    Is there an ETA of when it will be playable? Will it have a tutorial?

    I will be playing this, know that!
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  4. Yes I should be done with it not super long from now. Maybe under a month, since its only me and I have school and stuff. But I have a break from Middle school for 1 week starting today so I shall work on it today a lot more.
    I shall make a tutorial, but dont expect a game like Gmod because I doubt I could ever do that at my age, experience, and just me. I will really continue on this a lot of people really want to see this game.
  5. Also if you have any ideas, im willing to do it.
  6. meh...
    (But here's a friend request)
  7. Please tell me what is meh about it.
    Also please write a more positive response on the steam place.
  8. No gameplay...
  9. I will make a youtube video of some gameplay when its more complete.
  10. Sorry; but this is a perfect example of why Steam Greenlight shouldn't exist :oops:
    • The artwork is quite clearly made in paint.
    • You have posted absolutely no gameplay whatsoever.
    • The 'things that came from your imagination' aren't really from your imagination. They're things made by other people, and I'm pretty sure the name 'MLG' is copyrighted. As is Doritos.
  11. Your an optimist.
  12. I'd use the word realist. :p All three points are pretty valid imo. :) Steam isn't some big "happy yay everything's amazing" place - it's pretty damn ruthless.
  13. Then I shall answer what he said.
    1: Yea it was made in paint, I don't have enough money to buy photoshop.
    2: thats why its a CONCEPT. Gameplay is soon just hold your horses.
    3: I said OTHER things from my imagination, and if doritos will get copyrighted, Ill change it to orangechips or whatever.
  14. What language are you making the game in? Also, the images you posted seem more like concept art than resources for the game because of the very white backgrounds and the fact that the incomplete level has the player attached to the background. I feel like there is a very long way to go (more than a month) before things are playable. Basically, I feel like the game is in its very early infancy and that people don't yet have enough information to really decide whether they like it or not. With that said, I look forward to seeing gameplay and screenshots from the game.

    Also, check out some free programs like, gimp, and inkscape. All of them are miles ahead of paint. The fact that paint doesn't allow transparency really makes it pretty useless for sprite making.
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  15. I am using pygame (i know i know), I am using paintbrush, the thing is bmp files dont allow transparentsy or whatever so im looking to find a way around that. But pygame only allows bmp files for me for some odd reason.
    Also if you are willing to help that would be awesome!
  16. There are a lot of other programs you could use for this besides just Paint and photoshop. I just use the image editor that came with some other free software for literally every image I've made.
  17. You know any good free ones? For mac
  18. Use Gimp 2 I think it works on mac, not sure though.
  19. Its not.
  20. It looks like you need to use Surface.set_colorkey() to use a specific color as transparent. For example, paint anything that needs to be transparent a specific color you use no where else and set that color as the colorkey.
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