My res is gone (Plz read)

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  1. My old MC account (skyrimboywonder) was hacking many moons ago by a random hacker. I havent been able to get into the account since. So, I purchased this account which I then was given perms for on skyrimboywonder's res. All was peaceful for many more moons until today I hopped onto EMC. My res had magically disappeared. I know my res had gone derelict because I couldnt get on via skyrimboywonder. But, before I specifically asked you guys not to clear my res.
  2. *months *haven't *couldn't
  3. Hmmm, who did you ask? (Any staff member?)
  4. You unclaimed your residences 3/5 months ago and there was no derelict protection on your account (although, I'm not sure where 18246 came from?)

    3 months ago
    Self unclaimed residence 18246
    5 months ago
    Self unclaimed residence 10564
    5 months ago
    Claimed residence 10564

    On your other account, you were granted derelict protection for 30 days and it was reclaimed yesterday after 5 months. I'm sorry you lost your res/account though :(
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  5. So the residence that got reset was under your skyrim account, right? I'm fairly certain derelict times given out by the staff only last for so long before they run out; if yours ran out on that account, chances are someone else got the residence, or it was reset by the system to make room for others. Just something that the system does. Granted, I don't know all the details, so for all I know, I'm wrong here. ;) Sorry that you lost your residence, though!
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  6. "5 months ago

    Granted player derelict protection, length: 30 days"
    This is what was listed on the account. The derelict protection was never renewed and the system reclaimed it.


    a day ago
    Derelict residence reclaimed 10421"

    My text got all messed up there. Long story short, Aikar is the only one who -might- be able to do anything about a res that has been deleted. You could ask, I don't know if he has ever done it.
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  7. Aikar nor anyone else; would be able to help you out with it; since we do not currently keep a copy of reclaimed residences.
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  8. *cough*server backups*cough*
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  9. Using server backups would require the whole town to be reset.
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  10. I'm sure there's a way to retrieve old residences, but the real question is will they do it? probably not lol :D
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  11. :/ Darn. Ive had that res for 2 and a half years.
  12. Oh! I just read the OP a bit more. I think the staff could have given you the residence. I'm not sure, though. And you can also vote to reset the derelict counter.
  13. You'd have to use a command to restore it, but even then it only goes back to the point the current owner claimed it I believe. And no, they won't do it. The staff need to be fair to everyone, and nobody else gets residences reclaimed for them that no longer belong to them.
  14. This is different though. I specifically requested for my res not to be reset.
  15. Yes, which is receiving derelict protection for a specific amount of time, as far as I'm aware. After that protection runs out, you can probably contact staff if you still can't get on, but after the protection wears off, it's an open residence. That's just how the system works. You can't expect the staff to let your residence to be protected indefinitely, as that, at that time, wasn't even possible allowed, and is now only obtainable through the vouchers.
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  16. permanent derelict protection has been out for a year now :D it was much harder to get before
  17. E-gads! Really? My apologies, then.
  18. I feel sorry for your loss :(
  19. Well, the only way to get it back then was to hope that the system messed up and gave it to them (I know a few people with it). I could be wrong, though
  20. It has been granted for special cases for people that are going to be gone for a long period of time, ex: active military service.

    I'm sorry that you lost your residence, don't forget you can always go out into the frontier (/wild) and build a base there. It will never be reset, but as long as you go far out you shouldn't have to worry about other players messing with your build.
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