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  1. Just thought I'd share some somewhat share-able photos :p I haven't got a pro camera so they won't be the best of quality (most took using my HTC One). I have a really awesome one I want to share with you guys, but it's on one of my old cameras and I need to find the SD card. :p

    (I need to find more photos...)
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  2. where is this? It is really cool!
  3. Top one is Bala lake, Wales and the bottom one is near Delamere forest, England.
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  4. Wow, the camera lens must be pretty wide.

    Good pictures nonetheless
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  5. *cough*PANORAMIC*cough*
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  6. I don't believe in ghosts.
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  7. wow........ no......... it's the term for a wide picture........ look it up.....
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  8. please tell me your joking?
  9. I do believe in ghosts.

    Nice pictures! The quality is superior compared to my nokia :p
    After my very first digital camera defected(over one year ago), I haven't really made pictures any more. I don't know, I miss that camera so much :(
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  10. Nice photos, I'll have to find some of the ones I took when I was in Slovenia, they were pretty nice.
  11. I live right next to Delamere Forest :rolleyes: Although you've been in my town at the same place as me at the same time and I never knew, so I guess I shouldn't be this happy over Delamere forest... Can I just ask how far in the forest that one was took? In all my twenty five visits there I have never seen that field xD

    Anyway, these look pretty cool. Now if only you have a proper camera to take these with :p
  12. It was just outside delamere forest, it was by some radio towers or whatever.
  13. Those are some nice pictures.
    Look out, [insert name of famous photographer here because I don't know any].