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  1. So 1.9 is coming out, and there a lot of things that I am not a big fan of, and a few things that I can break minecraft with. Now if I screw anything up send me on a wild goose chase to get the correct things and call me a nub when I am done with it. Anyways, to the list.

    1. Elytra - One thing that I HATE in minecraft is flying in survival mode. Now an elytra can't be made on a crafting grid, it can be found i'm assuming in abandoned mineshafts, dungeons, or the end cities. But this is a flying item that can be used in survival. Though it is fun, it isn't really the minecraft I know
    2. Boat Mechanics - Obviously some people I know severely hate this, and it was in the Pocket Edition of minecraft. You have to use more fingers on a keyboard to steer the boat, and it is a stressing time to get used to it. I recommend learning the mechanics on a huge ocean in creative mode. One good thing about this is that it won't break, but that will be changed :p
    3. Frost Walker - Now, this is my favorite enchantment of all time. I absolutely love it. Walk on water, The water around you turns into ice. It is not obtainable, or available in the creative menu.
    4. Beets - Yeah, another food and another crop, I thought it was over, but no. Beets are a good idea, but it is just another crop...
    5. More potions - Not only did they change the design of the bottle, they made more potions. And a more confusing graph of how to make potions and their recipes.
    6. Dragon Head - Another thing that I would love in-game is a dragon head. But a negative thing about this is how to obtain it. I don't even know how to get the head. But what I love about this is when you put the head on a dispenser with fire charges in it, the head will open and close its mouth, and shoot its deadly breath contained in fire charges. I have to admit, even without the fire charges, it is still pretty awesome.
    7. New Mob (Shulker) - YES! Finally another mob! This one I did try in survival in the overworld with a spawn egg, the fighting mechanics for this makes it boss! I love this mob, and I can't wait to see it in 1.9.
    8. New Arrows - The spectral arrow is good, I do like it, but how would it be obtained? And the potion arrows, I get it now, when you hit a mob with those arrows then they get that same buff with the arrow they got shot with. And the get damaged a little. The useful ones would be harming, poison, and weakness, also spectral to see where your foe is. Even crouched I guess.
    9. New Blocks - For those building/decorating freaks out there will love the purple blocks and end stone bricks.
    10. Shields - Another one I do love, you can have these shields for defense, and you even imprint your banner design on the shield! I have tested these and these are awesome!
    11. Mending - I don't get this one, can someone explain it to me? Cause that would be awesome...
    12. End Additions - I love these. End cities have a rare chance of spawning on the outskirts of the end's end portal that you can ender pearl in. There are new things like chorus plants and trees. Also these end cities and end ships will contain stuff like the elusive elytra and the "treasure" enchants, mentioned as Frost Walker, and Mending.
    13. The Void - Another preset, last I saw it, it was buggy, But I think it is a schematica thing. I probably won't like it much. All I got to say :p
    14. OP Enchants in general - NERFED
    15. Axe damage change - Boycott swords and go with axes .-.
    16. Left hands - I'm right handed, so this won't come in use for me, but useful to some of the world, lol
    That is all guys! Share your opinions on 1.9, and as I said, if I missed anything, send me on a wild goose chase to find it.
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  2. How will it affect Minecraft that badly? The Elytra will only be practical for long-range travel. (Of course, people are exploiting this by using redstone... gotta find loopholes around everything, I guess). Wait to judge until 1.9 comes out. I doubt you'll see everyone running around with an Elytra on.
    I personally like the changes. They're a lot more realistic than the boat going wherever you willed it to. After the 'stress' of learning the new mechanics is over I bet you'll think they're fine.
    That doesn't work. The boots don't create ice, they form a similar block that's unobtainable and doesn't respond to efficiency. And the ice will thaw over time.
    'Another' makes it sound like there are too many. How many are there? Four? Five? Definitely not too many...
    Again this seems very judgmental. Have you tried the potions? Yeah, there's a bit of a learning curve to the new recipes... not that big of a deal IMO.
    You just said the current method of obtaining the head is a bad idea... but you don't even know what it is!? That makes absolutely no sense. At all.
  3. Now that you think about it...Elytra's are pretty cool.
    Very right on this one, it is more realistic, but I am already have a little bit of a rough time with it.
    Just fixed when I was reading about it. Woops :p
    The only crop that is useless is a potato, just makes a baked one, a poisonous one (Which I don't know why this would be useful to anyone), and a regular one. The wheat can make bread and hay bales, possibly more, and a carrot can only make a golden carrot. What will a beetroot do? Make beetroot stew? Good, another thing cluttering the food inventory .-.
    I haven't tried them yet, but there is just so many more potions being added. Also they changed to bottle and I think they might change the graphics of the bottle for the new potions...the reason why I can't say on EMC xD
  4. It's not flying. It's falling with style.

    Not sure what's so difficult. A + D to go forward. A goes right, D goes left.

    Have you checked the creative menu?

    They added a new tier of potion. There are still throwable and normal potions. The lingering potion is the new tier.

    You get it from End Ships. It's at the bow.

    EXP you gain goes to the tool you're holding or what you're wearing. If they are full on durability, it goes to your exp bar.

    To be fair, they have a longer recharge time.

    I assume you don't plan on dual wielding then?
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  5. There are too many food sources in this game, and it just makes the game too easy. Way back before Beta 1.8 (so July 2011?), we had like, three or four food sources. Now there's something like, way over ten. The game just got easier past that update :p
  6. Well, yeah... I don't see the harm in it, or why it's a big deal. It's just another type of food.
    They just added lingering potions...
    You said: "But a negative thing about this is how to obtain it. I don't even know how to get the head." If you don't know how to obtain the head in the first place, why are you saying you dislike it?
  7. As you gain xp with the armor or tool equipped, it will automatically repair (just having an item in your inventory doesn't repair it). This doesn't have a huge effect on the durability, so it's not over powered, but you won't have to repair as often.
    Schematica has absolutely nothing to do with 1.9. It's not buggy at all... what do you mean?
    Swords do a higher damage per second.
    That doesn't make any sense... whether you are right or left handed you can still duel wield. I don't think you know how this works...
  8. Personally I think we need more food that's special in some way, not just more food. Other than just normal meat or crops, give each food something special. Maybe cake gives speed for a few seconds because of the sugar? Things like that. :p
  9. waiiit how does having more food sources make the game easier? please elaborate...
    have you ever played survival mode? you need to find an npc village to get potatos and carrots... if anything just using wheat is easier.
  10. Elytra is a GLIDER
  11. Whatever, does it matter? Gliding is sort of flying after all :p
  12. I love it. It will probably be worth like 500k
  13. Nah, I doubt it :p
  14. Well, anyway I will NEVER afford it. The most I've ever had is 16k
  15. He actually might be right. 1 Elytra per end ship, limited elytra, and Aikar may limit the end.
  16. Most for me was almost to 1.8 million, then I messed up and lost it to some auctions, now i'm down to 1.3 million... I'm very broke.
  17. o_o
    Elytra a promo/rare item? :O