My opinion on the wild these days.

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  1. The wild is evolving.

    Probably for the best. After all, we haven't seen CrabCraft destroy any creations this year so far, have we?


    Take a look at the LLO in 2012. Then take a look at the LLO in 2013. Then take a look at 2014. Then take a look at 2015.

    The LLO is dying to make way for PoC and other outposts.

    This is the lifespan of an outpost playing out.

    Take Pazzo for example.

    Pazzo was once a popular outpost where people could build, an alternative to the LLO.

    But now.

    It is in an even worse state of repair.

    The area around it is ugly(Not Pazzo but my unfinished Neorepopolis rapid-expansion rail lines), and quite a lot of Pazzo is griefed or burnt down.

    So, what have we come to? A golden era or what?

    We have come to a period of stagnation.

    Our golden era was in 2012 and 2013.

    But now.

    We make way for a second golden era, awakened by the likes of PoC, Skylandia, and Farbranch.

    Will the LLO ever be revived?

    Probably. They just need a project that pioneers a new way.

    The New Federation is quite frankly, clearly a flop. Sorry Volt, but I can't commend this project. The period of political interest here is gone, with the failure of the 1st NR, and stabbed to death by my projects, which showed militarism and Civilization V Domination Victory style, plus some occasional RISK in the flesh of the new political things.

    I'm sorry my projects quite simply helped to make the NF fail.


    If everyone keeps going out to the wild and adding something new,

    The wild will keep going forever.
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  2. aren't you banned?
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  3. I appealed yesterday.

    Being banned doesn't mean you can't be on the forums. SoulPunisher was banned and on the forums for a long time for example.
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  4. Good luck.
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  5. Thank you for sharing that! :)
  6. Thank you whoever liked this. It was absolutely pointless to like this, but eh.

  7. What's funny is AnOcelot is banned for griefing... now assuming they did this, then it's funny that they mention all these outposts being griefed.

    I think the Wild is still great. I can't think of a single large outpost though but I know of a ton of great public farms.
  8. We're federating it and advertising each district/federation as new outposts, which will be part of a larger network known as the LLO. We're also distancing it as far away from the political chaos that is SMP9's outposts, while splashing a tiny bit of that in there for survival purposes, because it might work.
    Me, mba, Brickstrike, and nfell are cooking up something that is kind of a successor to this *more will be revealed soon... if we ever come to fruition* :rolleyes:
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  9. Ive been building roads far out into the wild, and its nice to see outposts pop up along the way.

    One thing that annoys me is people that put locked chests at the gathering point of iron and drop farms. Stop being so selfish and share the wealth.
  10. Since we're talking about evolution: What is the LLO?

    POC? Skylandia?

    Yes, I know I can simply check the forums for this but as someone who is pretty active in-game I think it shows somewhat; doesn't ring any bells.

    So to address the OP: there are pretty good outposts in the Frontier right now. The main problem: people keep them a secret because of the impending risk of griefing. And that comes from the fact that the Empire is pretty much heavily visited these days. Which comes from EMC getting more popular.

    Which is the long version for: dude, your info is dated man, the Frontier is the place to be! :)

    (no pun intended)
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  11. I myself have been a part of one of 72volt's nations(All hail concordia) and that was over a year ago when it fell. I have to say you are a bit behind the times as new fun friendly outposts that are accepting have arisen. Those old major ones are barely even mentioned these days :/
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  12. The LLO (Last Light Outpost) was the first outpost that I know of that allowed anyone to join. In my opinion, what happens to these places is that a core group of people get together and work to build something nice. People are attracted to it for different reasons. A desire to participate mostly, but some come for less admirable reasons and problems start. Greed, selfishness, and other problems take their toll. People fight against it and work to keep building and maintaining things that get used or destroyed, but eventually they tire of the struggle and move on.

    This is why people are so interested in Land Protection. Places like the LLO and Pazzo might still be a thing if their inhabitants had neighbors who were forced to be good neighbors like in Town.

    I initially got involved with Pazzo when iSmooch asked me to build xp grinders around a couple of Blaze spawners there. I think they only lasted a few months before the spawners were destroyed. People were stealing drops and potions from the nearby brewing room, and fighting over who got to use them before I was even finished. iSmooch had built an Iron farm there that went the same way. Then we went farther out and worked on a settlement named Pantano and the same sort of thing happened. I had actually gone back a couple of times to try and salvage an item farm but got discouraged by the damage that kept slopping over from the neighboring outpost each time and quit.

    Edit: I have to admit that I probably have an overly cynical view regarding this subject. A lot of people also stop playing in these places because of real life issues. Another factor may be that people enjoy the building part and the struggle of creating something while battling mobs or other problems. I have to say that these factors have affected my game play and are probably pretty common. The latter is likely one reason people don't go back and repair/rebuild.
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  13. Skylandia is great little outpost grief free on smp4! :)
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  14. Hey I'm ready to start building, Give me the signal! Engineers here!
    Alas, however, All settlements (and empires, but that's not for now) Will come to an end, and if not an end there is always a bumpy road. Very, very bumpy.
    The bigger an outpost, I can only say the more griefing and instability
    You know, like Rome. It fell quickly due to size.
    Skylandia will be plagued with grief once it grows enough, otherwise it will halt in growth

    It's always cycling, the outposts and griefing.
  15. Lovely. So was Wrem. It had Monarch Industries burnt down twice.

    Moral of the story? Don't advertise yourself as "grief-free" when that could change any moment.