My new wildness cration :)

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  1. This will be a big village.

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  2. I see a broken image and pink trees.. :/
  3. Fix the image.
    In other news:
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  4. Here is he image :) sorry.
  5. I like the windmill. Nice touch.
  6. looks really wonderful, i love the way how that house left in the back looks like!
    You may fancy up my builds anytime ;)
  7. In what smp ???
  8. i think he shouldn't tell that out loud because of potential griefers, but it would be his choice of course
  9. Agreed
  10. Is that netherrack? Err.... No smoking please. ;)

    Paw. (or general) Curious...Do you ever have problems with griefers?
  11. Telling a server address isn't going to increase griefers. That's like saying,"Here is infinite blocks. Please find my house." No offense, just saying. :)
  12. Well, not all the blocks have been explored, that may narrow it down ;)
  13. Awesome! and what texture pack is it, looks cool :D
  14. That's Awesome. Also love the texture pack XD. Thought more people should do things like this.
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  15. I saw this place from the live map, very impressive. :)
  16. when it is all done, are you going to fill the place up with villagers or something?
  17. Looks great. Do you need any materials? I'd like to donate.