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  1. Standing at 64 inches, I've been short pretty much my whole life. Despite the remarks that I get for it, I am usually able to hold my own. I was doing quite well until reality hit me. Up until 7th grade, I never believed height was a problem, maybe I was perceived as a younger kid than everyone else, but I was okay with that. That was, until I quickly discovered I wasn't really deemed attractive by anyone due to it. I realized that because of this, I won't have much luck with girls. I thought, "maybe I will hit a growth spurt some time in high school." I am in grade 11 now. I'm still shorter than most of my peers, and I will admit this - it sucks. I have never had a girlfriend, and as far as I'm aware of, no girl ever liked me. Due to being in a constant state of worry, I decided to contact my pediatric, whom referred me to an endocrinologist. I've had some tests done, including IGF-1 (insulin growth factor) and an x-ray of my wrists. I've done the bone age test many times, each with different results. I've become incredibly disappointed, even to a point of depression at times. I worry that in the future, I'll never end up being with someone. Despite all of this, wanting to be in a relationship is not the only root cause of my disappointment. When I meet people in public and tell them my age, most of them are in shock. "How are you a 'junior' you're so small". It bugs me a lot, but in reality there is nothing I can do about it. Throwback to 8th grade when I really liked this girl. She was one of the very few girls that actually talked to me, and I developed feelings for her over time. Told her that near the end of the year and she pretty much stopped talking to me. I feel like this topic has never been actually brought up and discussed about. I know I have all the odds stacked up against me when it comes to dating, but honestly I've got to keep trying. Maybe I haven't started quite yet, but I hope that I will get there. If I was taller, I honestly don't think I would be the same person I am today. It's changed me in so many ways, and I'm well aware of other people feeling the same as I do. I've learnt to respect that, and I can relate with others who have low self-esteem. If it weren't for that, I honestly think that I would be like most people and pick on those who aren't deemed "attractive" in this society. For anyone else who is reading this and can correlate, just keep trying man. I learned that everything that happens in life is by chance, and I have to work with what I've got.
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  2. I hate to be the first person to respond to this. I hope many people will follow up with better posts. But a couple of things:
    1. this may seem like everything right now, but it is just High School and there is so much more and better life after HS. Most of the popular guys in HS will end up loosers later in life and most of the geeks and dorks will end up with way cooler lives in the end. I'm in my 40's now and can speak to my own experience, but I know many have seen this play out.

    2. 5'4" might seem short, but height isn't everything. Work to your strengths. Build confidence through other aspects of living. Some guys your size can kick major ass athletically. But that isn't even that important. What is important is what get's you excited with life. Go with that and be happy with what makes you happy.

    3. You said, 'I honestly think that I would be like most people and pick on those who aren't deemed "attractive" in this society.' ......bad attitude! I understand how you are feeling, but check the attitude. It won't help you with your frustrations. There are always going to be bad apples out there. Word of advice: ignore them. Not worth your time or energy. And what you probably realize is that there are more good apples than bad apples. The bad ones just stick out more. Find the few people who you get along with and make the most of those friendships. It will pay dividends to spend more time with them and grow with what you have that is already good.

    Best of luck with everything. And remember that HS sucks for pretty much everyone. The ones who look like they are having the best time and are super popular are probably dealing with heavy stuff that nobody knows about. Don't worry about the other guy. Just make the most out of what you got!
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  3. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it! Yeah, I understand there are other things I can do, and I will work on that. As for the attitude, I'd have to agree with that. It's hard to be positive in these situations, but I'll try my best.
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  4. I'm 27 years old and I'm only 5ft and get ID'd all the time. I know it's different for girls, but if a girl doesn't like you because she thinks you aren't the "right" height, then she isn't worth your time anyway. Like chum said, it gets better after high school. I know high school is hard and people can be mean. Just know that people who pick on other people for things they can't control probably are just dealing with some issues themselves and take it out on other people. So, just always try to be kind and try not to take everything at face value. It does get better.
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  5. Wow... not sure how to respond at the moment, but I think it's good you shared this.
  6. One thing that might help you: being extreemly tall isn't really fun aswell, I'm 6.4 feet or 1 meter 95, (or 77 inch) and it doesn't help me aswell, I'm not talking about girls, but about low seelings, door posts, lamps etc.
    and, there's still hope for you, you're about as tall as one of my friends (who's stopped with becoming taller) and, yes, he actually has got a girlfriend, just keep looking, there is a lot of hope for you :)
    and, about that bullying, people just need someone to bully, it seems, and they always find someone to bully who's different at one kind to bully, and they make you beleve you're bad, but you aren't. People even made me think I wasn't smart, and, I can tell you, I'm doing the highest posseble schooling in the Netherlands, and it's all going fine, don't beleve what they say :)

    and, if you're really desperate, you can also go to Nepal, were you actually are tall, and find a nice girl there :)
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  7. I can relate to you in many ways because I look back on my experience in high school and I hated it. I can tell you I'm quite short and never had girls chasing me around. But the girls who are worth getting to know are the ones who won't care about your appearance and will like you for who you are. If you want to be really attractive just be a gentleman, when you do go on a date hold the door for her, ask questions that let her know that you want to get to know her. Overall I would say try not to be too concerned about girls in high school. Yes girlfriends are great but they make for some good distractions especially if you are wanting them for your happiness. In college (and after) the good girls stand out very well from the bad, this makes it easy to approach and engage the right kind of girls. So until you get there I recommend just focusing on God and making sure that when a girl does get sent your way that you can treat her as she deserves to be. That includes giving her respect, love, affection, kindness, forgiveness, yet being firm and not giving yourself away. The point is I hated who I was too because I feel like I wasted a lot of time in high school not seeking God. I would say that this is vital to having healthy relationships later on and if you are going to be concerned about anything it should be not wasting the time you have today. I know that's a lot but just relax bud, God's got you. :)
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  8. Shorter I better than taller I cant fit thru doors because of height
  9. Red bro chill out its ok, chicks can be small too, if they don't wanna talk to you cause you are smaller then there are still loads of smaller chicks and some girls like a small guy. Another thing to note, link girls through insta or snapchat cause if no one at your high school is wanting to link then you have another way of chatting up some chicks.