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  1. Hey all,
    I'm Hannah, 21 (almost 22), from Australia, a uni student. I am excited to try this server out. I am a casual player of survival and a hardcore creative player. I am big on building pixel art, big pixel art (like 30 000+ blocks big). Hope to get to know some people and can't wait to really try this server out.
  2. Hello, welcome to EMC. Prepare yourself, usually people reply with 'join our smp' when people introduce themselves >.< If you need any help with anything, or any questions just ask.
    Also a side note type /promo cupid
    If its still going you can get yourself a free promo bundle, which you can keep or sell for a good amount of in game money.
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  3. Welcome please join our Smp!!!! Jk, but seriously, welcome to EMC and hope you enjoy it.
  4. Welcome to EMC! I look forward to meeting you ingame. I hope that you enjoy the server! We have quite a few pixel artists on as well, but I don't know any as massive as 30,000 blocks! That's huge! :p
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  5. :cool:
    Welcome to EMC!
  6. Thanks so much everyone for the welcome. I can't wait to meet you all.
  7. Welcome to the Empire, Sunnyside193!
    Always remember, SMP8 is a dangerous place to go alone for beginners. So bring a friend if you do stumble over into my realm!
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  8. Welcome Hannah! What smp is your plot on?
  9. Welcome Hannah Sunnyside! :)

    Check EMC Shops and Attractions v2.

    BTW, If you want a bit more mature server than the average, smp6 is a good choice :) :p

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  10. Welcome to the Empire :)
  11. Welcome! :D
    I'm not going to say what server you should go to (smp8, by the way), but I'll tell you that the forums are also a really good place to be and get to know people better! :)
  12. Welcome to the Empire, Hannah!
  13. I am currently on SMP3, just stayed with the default one I got until I learn more of the server and what not. Thanks for all the suggestions, I shall definitely do some exploring of the different servers though.

    Also thanks for all the welcomes and can't wait to get to know you all!
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  14. Heres another welcome! From me ! I am in the US so the like hoods of you seeing me ingame are low unless I stay up late doing something I shouldn't be doing like now xD If you ever want to get a better experience (in my own opinion); I would consider connecting to EMC Mumble. I'm sure there was a part to that on the tutorial near the end! :)
  15. Welcome to the Empire, Sunny!

    And please join Nami's smp, not ours :D

    (sorry, sorry, just kidding around; I so couldn't resist. Also because Nami plays on the same smp as I do ;) ).

    Sounds like a nice combination. There are plenty of survival ways. Both the wastelands where you can mine in a survival set up, but also the Frontier where you can actually build in a survival environment (wild is for survival building, waste is for survival mining).

    Creative is something which regular players obviously don't have, but maybe it is fun to know that everyone can fly on the Utopia server (/utopia). Although it isn't creative mode (you have to provide your own materials) it does come really close (flying, always daylight, no fall damage, etc.).

    Well, I hope you're going to have a good time here and I'm already curious as to what kind of builds you might come up with :cool:

    Hope you're going to have a great time!
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  16. Welcome to the Empire Hannah. I'm also on smp3 so if you need help and you see me on line, let me know. Enjoy your stay. :)
  17. Welcome to EMC! :D I hope your stay is full of fun and pixel art :)
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  18. The Empire welcomes you! If you like building pixel art, there's always a huge demand for it here, so you could probably make a nice business out of making it.
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  19. Welcome to EMC! :)
  20. Thanks, I will keep that in mind!

    I will keep that in mind, so far I've only made pokemon and 4 super big projects (which I posted in Sharing Let's Plays section if people want to see). I'm sure open to making some for others,just send me a message and I will let you know if I could do it or not.

    I will definitely have to check it out and get to know people that way as well.

    Thanks for everyone for the welcome!
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