My home is gone? :(

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  1. I just got a property in my town and for a few hours I was gathering resources and building the shop I was making and then I had to get offline then I came back 3 days later from some family issues and I saw that my property was not their and it was someone elses. I don't know why it gets removed someone please tell me why its gone.
  2. >.> This is hard to give a good answer to... but you were so new the system thought you had joined then left. So they removed your home, unless you haven't tried /home yet. If not you should. But other than that i'm sorry :(
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  3. Its ok that you are not sure thanks though for responding what you know! :D
  4. As Tiger said, all you can try is /home and hope for the best. If it isn't there, then your residence was lost to the derelict system. Your derelict timer will be 30 days after you've played for a while. Just a note that you can always reset your derelict timer daily by voting for EMC under the "Vote" tab up top. It's a quick, simply and rewarding way of resetting your timer as you get items and rupees, and even tokens, for voting for the Empire. If your residence is gone then I am sorry but I hope that these things that I have suggested do help you in the future - but the 30 day timer should be fine once you are eligible!
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  5. I'd like to chip in as well because I can see that this is obviously a very big deal for you Sassy. Sorry up front for a longer post ;)

    Derelict... The Empire is a huge server; we're not 1 but 10 servers in total and players go all over them. The problem: sometimes we have periods where more people join than leave while at other times the opposite happens. Unlike Minecraft worlds our Town world isn't endless, so theoretically it could be filled up. And when that happens we'd get a lot of disappointed new players (at least confused) because they don't automatically get a new home.

    It is quite recently where the senior staff decided that town expansion was required.

    So to prevent all that we have a derelict policy. If you use: /p sassychick356 in the game you'll see your derelict time mentioned in orange. As mentioned above: it increases the longer you stay on the Empire. So after your first visit we expect you back (or to vote for us) within 5 days. Then, after those 5 days have passed this timer gets raised to 10 days. So; basically we expect you to come back online every week (or to vote once a week, see above).

    Then, eventually, the timer gets raised again to the regular 30 days.

    The reasoning behind this... I can really see how this may seem very unfair, so I'm taking my time to explain.

    In a way it is a little bit unfair, but we only have so many options here. The Empire is simply too big. If we'd give new players a derelict time of 30 days right away then we'd risk that a new player comes, decides that EMC isn't for him and quits after, say, 30 minutes. Resulting in his residence getting occupied for 30 days. So; we'd have to cope with several residences which we cannot use while we're still getting lots of new players every day.

    We know the system isn't perfect, really, we do. But.. yah...

    Now, as to the situation at hand:

    My suggestion is to use the /res command. This lists all your residences. If this list is empty then, I'm sorry to say, but your residence has indeed been removed.

    How to get a new one? With /v open you can search for an available residence after which you can claim it using the /claim command.

    As a sidenote...

    Now, this doesn't really help you but I am going to think about a way to raise a little more awareness of our derelict policy and then make a suggestion out of it. Because I've seen this happen with 3 'more serious' serious players, including you (personal assessment / opinion; no comment) in a relatively short timespan. Which makes me think that we should try and make this a bit better known.

    Edit: that previous section totally came out wrong at first; when re-reading I read something completely different than my intent.

    I just (quickly) went over the new player guide again and unless I overlooked it (which could be a sign in itself) this isn't mentioned in there. That could be an important start.

    Hope this helps.


    I see you got yourself a (new?) residence, I'm very glad to see that.

    Also: I looked it up for you: your current derelict time is 21 days (at the time of writing obviously); your last game play was 8 days ago.

    SO I get the impression that this could have happened to a friend? Even so, that doesn't change a thing for me of course.

    To look up the derelict time for someone else use: /p <playername>.
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  6. well that really sucks, perhaps the new player derelict thing needs fixed.. because what if someone joins Friday night, and isn't allowed to play on school nights and loses everything >_>
    i'd be a little upset over that :(
    i'm sorry that you're home is gone, try to vote, and or at least sign in and sign out every day .. it'll take 4 seconds really just to make sure.

    hopefully you can get back on your feet again easily! good luck. :)
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  7. Not sure if you claimed a new res, but with a quick /v sassychick356 Apparently you have a home on smp8 :)
    EDIT: Just went there. Looks like a new res...
  8. Then they could still /vote for the server; so no need to play, all they'd need is a browser. It would take no more than 5 minutes; only one of those voting sites would be enough.

    Not just you, everyone I'd say. This is a very important topic.

    But rest assured that many people have spent a lot of time to try and come up with better ways to regulate all this. The problem is two fold: on one end we have the player who should obviously not lose his home "just like that", but on the other hand there is the server which also can't risk completely filling up.

    Still, I'm convinced that this is a subject which is quite often being looked into and that its being taken very seriously by the staff.
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  9. not being allowed to play on school nights includes "no internet access at all during the week" doesn't matter if they can't sign on in game.. some kids don't have a smart phone, or access to the family computer.. voting could be completely impossible for a lot of people.
  10. And this is why we are expanding Towns.

    We didn't expand towns for no reason at all, its to improve the quality of experience on EMC to enable the derelict system to be even smarter.

    Right now its super strict because if its not, we will run out of residences too fast. I really don't like it at the 5 day mark because this incident happens to so many people.

    So thats why are making progress on improving the system, and increasing the overall # of residences does a great amount of help into improving the balance on when we need to kick in derelict, because right now at the lowest tiers its pure guessing, and I want to remove the guessing.
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  11. :)
  12. According to our system, your residence 16352 still exists.

    However, you have now been offline for 9 days so you need to vote to protect your residence.