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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by wonderwoman_16, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. Hello all! No, this is not an advertise! I just wanna let some people know on my forums mean people joined, and I think some of them were from EMC :eek:. I can tell by the usernames who they are, but I am not going to report them. I banned them, but still. They were really mean and just not nice, and they mentioned EMC. So, I could tell some of them were from EMC. Sorry, but you know who you are. Please don't let this happen again, or I will report to Krysyy because I know the people who did it. Thank you.
  2. I saw you promoted some players on your forums, but I couldn't seem to find a app to apply.. How are people becoming staff if there is no app?
  3. No Punishment will occur because your forum is outside of Emc Forums and Servers. The Emc staff doesn't get involved what players do outside of The Emc Sphere.
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  4. There is an app, if you join the website, I can show it too you because I am not going to advertise about it.
    Well, the players are getting out of hand and being mean. Shouldn't somebody talk to them?
  5. Why was my post deleted? I broke no rules.
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  6. You've got your own forums? Interesting, where can I find them?
    I can't really comment on this when I haven't seen what's happened.
    What I can say though, is that I don't think reporting to Krysyy would help much, as Krysyy and Aikar have no say about whatever people do on things not affiliated with EMC or Starlis LLC. So even if you know they're from EMC, they can do whatever they want on your forum without getting into trouble on EMC.
    Of course, that doesn't mean it'd be nice to be mean, though... but until I've seen the forums I can't form an opinion on the so-called "meanness".
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  7. And which player are you? Because all the posts were very mean, so I deleted them all and banned all the players. But if you have proof, I can un-ban you.
  8. I never joined your forums. My post on this thread was deleted. I want to know why.
  9. Sorry, I saw this post after the other one. I cannot tell you the forums because that I think is technically adverting. You can find them using enjin probably.

    Yes, it is true we shouldn't bug other players, I just wanna let them know that I know who they are, and that they need to stop. They mentioned EMC, and server adverting is also breaking a rule on my forums, but yeah so they get banned.
  10. Ninja'd by Dwight, but that's because his post was much shorter than mine :p
    Huh, I didn't think so, either.
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  11. You are allowed to advertise for other sites, as long as they are not affiliated with Minecraft servers. I've advertised my own site, YouTube, Google, ArtsCow, and many others in the past.
    But you could send me the url in valid title #Y if you'd rather do that.
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  12. Closing thread since started a pm with Krysy and this is happening outside of Emc on a different Forum.
  13. Advertising something of your own product (outside of a Minecraft server) isn't breaking the rules. If you have a personal website and want people to check it out, you are free to post a link to it. (As long as it is appropriate to a PG-13 audience). I've done this myself for an outpost I've created a few years ago and it didn't harm anything. :)
  14. The involved site is Minecraft server related, or at least something trying to be, and will not be allowed to be mentioned on EMC. This matter is being taken to a pm with the OP due to these and additional reasons.
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