My fellow friends.

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  1. I am.
  2. :O You're a chav? I don't want to be anti-social, but the way my life is heading I will end up like that...Just like my dad, setting fire to people's bedrooms with firecrackers and fireworks, and burning down people's garden hedges when he was younger.
  3. You know it Mr. Pig! I will (hopefully) be here when you are able to get on more often!
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  4. I have some rocking yellow Nike Free Run 5.0s.
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  5. I forgot! Lol! Sorry! I will add you also!
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  7. You and me my and me
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  8. You didn't put me on the list? Looks like were having bacon today. :3 Jk man it's ok... even though were sort of friends... I guess? :p Add me on Steam or Xbox :) FPSStimulus
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  9. Hey don't forget me!
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  10. I'm jealous :mad:
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  11. Xbox! My gamertag is melloyelloj, but I will soon change it, will make a thread about it later.
  12. I'm not important I guess..
  13. I realized I have never been on the same server as you Pig!
  14. Dont i deserve to be on the list
  15. Now guys, the people I have mentioned are people who I have basically known from the start and stuck with! The people who are asking me about not being on the list is becuase I really haven't played with you, or seen you in-game. Sorry though.
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  16. Haha, I was already active on the forums when you started :D

    Piggeh being a noob... ;)

    I jist looked at some older posts from you (Triple posts, Double posts.... And all that stuff:D)
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  17. Yes
    I remember asking SecretAznEks how to "like" someones post! lol
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  18. Your first posts were at a thread about auctioning a spawner, I thin you aked something about the achievements in someone's sig... Lol
  19. Why did you quote him?
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